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Hi everybody!

I'm working on a catalogue for a publisher that sells in at least three countries and we are going to have to do a currency.db hack to make the appropriate currency options available. This will be the second site on which I've installed this script.

But, in testing the currency recalculation, I've encountered a problem and can't figure it out. The currency recalculates fine on the review screen when it's called and that recalculated figure is also correctly reflected on the buy screen when that is called. BUT when you actually submit an order, the email responses to both the publisher AND the customer show the total price in ONLY the U.S. Currency figure, which is the default currency!

Now, I'm pretty sure multiple currency is corrently turned on (because I don't think it could recalculate on the screens if it weren't) and everything else works very well. The emails travel just fine with all the info but with only the total price in the default currency. I'm stumped!

Is there something I'm doing wrong or, if this is a limitation in the program, does someone have a fix for it?

Thanks a million! :-)

-- Alfredo Lopez (, October 18, 1999

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