Tim Horton's Coffee?

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HELP!!! Can anyone tell me where I can find/buy Tim Horton's coffee in the US? (Tim Horton's is a popular chain in Canada with really great coffee...I'm looking to buy some as a gift for someone who misses the Canadian blend!)

If anyone can help me, I would really appreciated!

Thanks, Nicole L.

-- Nicole L. (nkimgk@eden.rutgers.edu), October 17, 1999


Just a simple keyword (TIM HORTONS) through your ISP and E-mail order it. I use AOL USA and it routes me through the Canada AOL server. I agree, Tim Hortons is the best in Canada and the largest. However their are an ever expanding small independant gourmet coffee roasters in the good ol USA you should start to investigate, you might be surprised at what's out here.

-- JOE DOMINGO (RENREA@AOL.COM), December 10, 2000.

Here's the only place I've found so far:


-- Laura (lmorsi@buffalo.edu), April 26, 2002.

Am pretty sure that you have to go to canada to buy Tim Hortons, Sorry

-- Modesta Vernon (mvernon@sympatico.ca), April 27, 2002.

I'd really like to know how I can buy it in Australia - any suggestions?

-- robyn savory (robyn.savory@noie.gov.au), June 17, 2002.

Hey, I found a website that sells Tim Horton's Coffee. Here the website is... It has all the goodies that canucks need and miss while they are away from home. They will also ship to the states. Oh yeah I LOVE TIM HORTON'S Coffee. Wish there was one located near me.


-- Greg C. (legna@ohiohills.net), June 26, 2002.

I actually work at a Tim Horton's in Buffalo, NY. There are about 40 of them in our area. I understand there are also quite a few Tim Horton's in Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky as well.

-- Brittney K. (topaz85111@aol.com), June 26, 2002.

If anyone is interested, I will buy and ship Tim Hortons from stores in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is the home of the first Tim Hortons store -- and now, there is one on almost every corner. You should see the cars lined up at the drive thru in the morning!

The local stores sell 13oz cans or a box of 6 single pot packets.

The Canadian UPS hub is located at our airport, so if I send it anywhere in North America, you're pretty much guaranteed next day delivery. If you're outside North America, I'll see what I can do.

-- Sean H. (schealy@pobox.com), June 26, 2002.

I was in Canada.Now I am in Croatia again and I miss Tim Horton's coffee too.(medium double-double)

-- Blazenka (blazenka.prvonozec@zg.hinet.hr), November 12, 2002.

Hey I love Tims too. Theres always ebay listing for Tims. Just watch the shipping costs.

-- Amelia Wollf (wollfie_1@yahoo.com), November 27, 2002.

you can go to tim hortons in ashland kentucky.

-- pascal fortran (relativitymachine@yahoo.com), December 28, 2002.

Listen all you Tim Hortons coffee lovers. You can get it by the case in the US. There's a distributor in Ohio. You have to buy the whole case. Just call 1-888-376-4835. Tell the operator you want to order Tim Hortons coffee. Shipping charges are very reasonable. It takes about a week to get the coffee. Good luck

-- Michael Triantafillos (coorsfan40@comcast.net), February 04, 2003.

You can also get it at http://www.canadiansweets.com. So far this is the best price I've found for it on the internet. Tim Horton's is selling franchises in the U.S. but until they reach every state you still have to buy it on the net.

-- J. Derry (sellnbuy2003@yahoo.com), March 04, 2003.

I lived in Toledo, OH and discovered Tim Hortons Fine Grind Coffee (13 oz. can) at Mazel's (next to Foodtown) on Monroe St. Last price I paid - $2.49 in Jan. 2003.

-- N. Loo (chiloo17@hotmail.com), March 07, 2003.

I called the 1-888-376-4835 number and they no longer ship coffee. However, you can call 1-585-272-1040 in Rochester NY and order from them now. 12-13 oz cans is $62.00 + 9.33 s/h *to TX zip* 1-Case-2oz PK is $54.00 + 7.91 s/h *to TX zip* And I didnt ask how many 2oz pk's there were in the case....SORRY! Now I just have to convince my my American hubby that this Canadian girl finds these prices to be quite reasonable when having a Tim Fit!. If not, I'm going to be in Edmonton in July and I will stock up then.

-- Laurie K (ljknight@charter.net), April 08, 2003.

Go to Ebay They sell them there!! you can get 2 cans shipped to you for like $15.00!!

-- Kris (kpizzurro80@hotmail.com), May 02, 2003.

Canada is the best place to find a good cup of Tim Hortons Coffee it really is too bad that there is no outlet in Winchester Ontario where many seniors who love Tim Horton coffee live Maybe someday the people at tim Hortons will come out our way and really make a lot of important seniors happy. Margaret

-- Margaret doornwaard (m.doornwaard@sympatico.ca), June 06, 2003.

I was first introduced to Tim Horton's coffee on a trip to Ottawa in 1998. It was (and is) the best coffee that I have tasted. There is nothing like going to a Tim Horton's for a large double-double and an "everything" bagel with cream cheese to start the day off right. My wife is from Ottawa, and on our trips back to Canada, we always make time for several cups of Tim Horton's coffee, and we always bring plenty of cans back with us. We usually save the Tim Horton's coffee for the weekends when we can sit down and enjoy a pot full.

-- Keith Rary (keith.rary@Getronics.com), July 10, 2003.

I am dreaming to own a Tim Horton's Coffee in Toronto or hamilton. I am ready to pay as much as you want. PLease help me.

-- Nikeeb sameem (nikeebsameem@hotmail.com), July 24, 2003.


-- Web Site Info (foo@foobar.com), August 05, 2003.

We're running low on the Tim Horton's coffee we brought back from Nova Scotia. Gotta make a run to New Brunswick for some more next week. Please, please and pleas also - Is there no Tim's in New England? or eastern New York?

-- Frances Armington (armington1@yahoo.com), October 18, 2003.

I was just in Hamilton, Ontario last weekend for my son's AAA hockey tournament... come to think of it, it was the "Tim Horton's, Hamilton Reps Tourney." There is a shop on every corner and mini shop's inside some of the gas stations (way cool!!). The chain founded by the legendary NHL, All-star defenseman, Tim Horton and Ron Joyce in 1964. The coffee tastes excellent out of your home coffee maker, but there's nothing like buying it freshly brewed, right from the shop! Luckily we have them here in Michigan and I am suckin' one down as I right these words (extra large double-double). I was looking into a franchise, but it looks like you'll need a minimum of $400,000 US just to turn the lights on. They are looking to expand in the northeast and midwest. There are currently over 2000 franchises in Canada and over 150 locations in Michigan, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky and Maine. If anyone has an idea what these things will gross/net per year, I'd be interested in knowing. Corporate won't give these figures out. Thanks, Chris

-- chris pawlicki (cpawlick@visteon.com), October 21, 2003.

I need to find a Tim Horton's in Kentucky and Ohio. If you are ever in Western New York there is a Tim Horton's in Olean.

-- Edna (edrivemom@aol.com), October 24, 2003.

There are Tim Horton's in Rochester NY area, also Batavia, NY and soon in Brockport, NY. Does anyone know how to access a full list of store locations? I tried web-site and couldn't find it. Thanks

-- cheryl (alibrarylady@juno.com), November 19, 2003.

I just found Timmy's availabe through www.alwayscanadian.com. They also sell other only-in-canada items that we miss...

-- Jennifer (j_nussey@hotmail.com), December 21, 2003.

I don't care how good Tim Horton's coffee is. I'm a patriotic Canadian but 8.50 for shipping to the western states is insane!

I'm sticking with Starbucks.

-- Mitch Candu (mobile_mitch@hotmail.com), December 26, 2003.

I have Two LARGE 39 oz cans of Tim Horton's Fine Grind Coffee for sale. My Canadian relatives and friends always bring me some when they visit or send Christmas gifts. Now I have discovered a place to buy Timmy's coffee in Grove City,Ohio and stay well stocked! So I will sell these two that were brought to me. Email if interested!

-- Rhonda Collins (RhondaMCollins@aol.com), December 30, 2003.

We have several clients who are Tim Horton's stores in Ontario. If you'd like to contact me, we can arrange for a store to sell and ship directly to you.

-- Jen (jen@2gogroup.com), January 02, 2004.

Can anyone tell me what the heck is a double double ? hehe...thx.

-- M. racicot (mdmx@netzero.net), January 20, 2004.

Not knowing if I am being suckered in or not, but what the hay....a dbl dbl is double cream double sugar and many people ask that question...

As for a franchise in Winchester, Ontario...I heard there are plans for one at Hwy 31 and 43West....on northwest corner....but could only be rumors...hope it happens !

-- B Findlay (mountainmeadowsclydesdales@yahoo.ca), January 23, 2004.

This is an excellent website! I found out more than I wanted to know- smile. I didn't realize Tim Horton's originated in Canada. I am hooked. This coffee is great! I could drink it everyday. It doesn't have that metallic after-taste. Yuck!


-- matabler@prodigy.net (matabler@prodigy.net), January 26, 2004.

Does anyone know the company which Tim Hortons gets there coffe cream from, I have a home machine but still doesnt taste the same LOL Thanks

-- Susan (susan23@sympatico.ca), January 26, 2004.

Wendy's International has apparently purchased the U.S. franchise rights to Tim Horton's. In the Columbus Ohio area ( Home of Wendy's ) they began building stores about 3 years ago. They are also building some stores that are 1/2 Wendy's and 1/2 Tim Horton's. So if you are ever in Columbus, Chillicothe, Lancaster, or Circleville Ohio I know there are stores at those locations. In addition to prepared food they also sell the cans of coffee. Hope this helps a little.

-- Traylor (majtraylor@earthlink.net), January 28, 2004.

damn. try finding this stuff in vegas. all i got is starbucks and we all know what that tastes like, (shit). i gotta have my mom send me coffee and hotdogs from buffalo cause they suck out here. now i need chicken wings and pizza. oh well. at least i have a job now. timmy ho's rules!!!!!!!!!

-- scott (srhmusic@yahoo.com), January 30, 2004.

I too am hooked on Tim Hortons coffee. Unlike Starbucks, I can drink more than one cup. For those of you interested, Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes almost exactly the same.

-- Brian B (baker.b.s@worldnet.att.net), February 06, 2004.

Quote: Does anyone know the company which Tim Hortons gets there coffee cream from, I have a home machine but still doesnt taste the same LOL Thanks

Different parts of the country have different dairy providers - so they are not the same all over - try looking for 18% cream - thats what Timmy's uses....

-- Heather (wahtever@hotmail.com), February 09, 2004.

Forsale Tim Horton Coffee shop located on MARS. New store, you must work to find customers. Only $1,000,000 Cdn

-- bijom (bijom2k@hotmail.com), March 13, 2004.

I recently heard the reason people love Tim Horton's coffee so much is because they put nicotine in it... so when people say they are addicted, they really mean it!

-- Meghan (meg_a_nut032@yahoo.ca), March 21, 2004.

I have lived in Windsor, Ontario for 4 years and I used to have a double double twice or tree times every single day. I still remember that Old Italian lady who used to make it for me. Ooooh maaan I love that coffee.

-- Elias... saudi arabia (elyas@emptyquarter.com), March 24, 2004.

I am moving from Canada to Indianapolis and the closest Timmy's is 1.5 hours away in Ohio off Brandt Avenue... brand new! Anyone know if they will open one in Indiana since they are so close to the border of it now? Yes give me a decaf double double LOL.... I take the long route from Toronto to Indy just to go through Ohio and buy that Timmy's coffee on the way there...

Michele :)

-- MicheleKS (none@none.com), April 14, 2004.

Good news for those of us in New England! No need to go to Maine or Canada for a cup of Tim Horton's Coffee soon as they are buying Bess Eaton Donut Shops in RI, CT and MA. Deal should be done in the next few months. We had ONE Tim Horton's that opened up south of Boston about 5 years ago and lasted only about a year, looking forward to having them again!

-- Jim (boomer6954@msn.com), April 19, 2004.

That's crazy that a Timmy HoHo's closed down by Boston. In Canada, you could open one up in the middle of nowhere and it would thrive. I have never ever heard of a Tim Horton's closing due to lack of business in Canada. Go Calgary Flames.

-- Mark B. (platinummitsu_mark@hotmail.com), April 26, 2004.

Hello Nicole,

You can now buy Tim Hortons Coffee at www.eastcoastcatalogue.com

We ship anywhere in the world!

We also have lots of other great Canadian products.

Hope to hear from you.

Andrew :)

-- Andrew Henrikson (andrew@eastcoastcatalogue.com), May 07, 2004.

Hi, I currently sell alot of Timmy's products on Ebay. Reasonable prices and I will ship worldwide. I used to work for one here in B.C. and know alot about the products. I also sell alot of Timmy's merchandise like mugs and uniforms etc. Check out my Ebay store here : http://stores.ebay.com/timmysfanatics

-- Evelyn (evadams@shaw.ca), May 17, 2004.

Zellers Suck!!!!

-- kjsdkj ([osierhdg@3.com), May 18, 2004.

I am darn near positive that if you use Coffee-Mate creamer from the dairy case in your grocer's fridge section, and the Tim Horton's brand coffee to be brewed at home, that you will come up with a pretty close replica of the real thing. As for the Timmy Ho coffee, it's awesome, and certainly beats the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Cheers, eh.

Jenny H.

-- Jenny H. (tryllium@hotmail.com), June 16, 2004.

I've had a really difficult time locating a Timmy's in Texas. I've looked and looked but I just can't find one. I married a Canuck from Peterborough, Ont 5 years ago and everytime we go to visit, I spend most of my time at the local Tim Horton's. Large DBL DBL ROCKS!!!! We stock up every visit but it's gone within a month.


-- Jason H (noahjhigg@cs.com), June 21, 2004.

I wish Tim Hortons would think about starting franchises in Australia! (Hubbie and I reckon it would boom!) My husband is Canadian and misses Timmy's...I'm aussie, and miss the french vanilla and donuts more! I'll just have to buy the coffee online and hopefully when we make it back on holidays, we'll fill up on the donuts!


-- Nicole H. (northern_nic@hotmail.com), June 28, 2004.

When is Tim Horton's expanding to Syracuse, NY? Also, does anyone know how many there are in Rochester, NY? Thanks!

-- Chris D. (robertrussellny@yahoo.com), July 06, 2004.

I've been drinking Tim's (religiously)for 5 years, since I've been with my sweetie from Ontario. We usually keep well stocked since I'm in Ontario quite a bit (sometimes I pick it up in Olean or Batavia NY) Well, today (back in Baltimore MD) I was horrified to find out that after a two week trip to PA (my grown daughter had come to visit for a long stay and loves Tim's too ! ) THAT supply of Tim's is down to just one more pot, and no chance to get it for two more weeks ! I've learned that a little bit of cinnamon in some Folgers or better yet some fresh ground colombian will be the closest thing to Tim's.

Carl C. (Baltimore MD)

-- Carl C. (carlconn@comcast.net), July 08, 2004.

I have a new store on Ebay which caters to Tim Horton's addicts. If interested, check it out. I will ship worldwide!


-- Evelyn Adams (evadams@shaw.ca), August 26, 2004.

I honestly don`t understand why anyone would love Tim Horton`s coffee. I have bought several tins of it and I have even tried their hot chocolate ..hot coco for you Americans and it is just normal coffee and hot chocolate. They don`t even roast the coffee themselves but outsource and therefore Maxwell house or Folgers is pretty well what Tim hortan`s coffee is. Is or has it become a cult fetish to love this coffee? That`s my only reasoning? I tested this theory out by letting several of my coffee loving Tim Horton`s friend test out Tim Horton`s coffee and Folgers coffee and they didn`t make any ``Wow!~~~ Tim Horton`s is the best and a couple of them even preferred Folgers hahaha. There isn`t anything special about it rather frankly it is generic coffee like what bud beer or miller draft beer is. Homogenized to appease the crowd, no special or unique flavor just mild coffee taste. I also don`t like Tim horton`s because they have become a somewhat monopoly to the coffee donut shop dunkin donuts has pretty well closed most everywhere and mom and pop donut shops too. When there was competition with mom and pop and more chain donut shops Tim Horton`s made larger size donuts and had in house bakery while now aday the donuts are premade and shipped tothe shop and fresh hot baked donuts is near non existent anymore. Tim Horton`s does this because they know there isn`t much competition I hope there will be more competition to set Tim Horton`s init`s proper place whichis ....it`s just another coffee shops folks......wake up and smell the coffee. Admit it, it is just a cult phase once again their coffee is generic coffee nothing special Folgers coffee even fooled my Tim Horton`s loving cult fetish friends.


-- Chris Grantham (grantham@completebbs.com), August 28, 2004.

Here here to Chris Grantham, the last message posted. I have to agree with him. Tim Horton's/Timmy's/Timmy Ho's/whatever is much like a cult. I find nothing special about the coffee and prefer to buy fresh beans and use my French press at home. It's much tastier. I have also heard, like some of the others, that they put nicotine or some other addictive substance in their coffee. No wonder they have such a following!!

-- C. Hurtubise (churtubise1@yahoo.ca), August 30, 2004.

Whoever says Folgers is as good as Tim Horton's (and would take the time to upset a group of Tim Horton's fans within this forum) sure has a lot of extra time on their hands). Get a life!

You need a Bunn coffee maker (it takes 30 minutes to get the water hot enought to extract the "Tim Horton's taste"). Did the Folger's fan go to this extent? I doubt it.

Simulating Tim Horton's coffee at home, we have come VERY close - but, I hear the cream is special at Tim Horton's. I really don't think that different regions are supplied by local dairies.

I'm going to try the coffee mate cream that someone suggested.

Can someone put any information if they know about what cream that Tim's uses?

-- Marc Bastarache (marc.bastarache@rogers.com), September 05, 2004.

Hi, i worked at timmy's for several years and they use 18% cream. also you will find the taste different if you buy the tim horton's cans of coffee. the packets they sell are much more similar because they stay fresher. That is what they actually use in the stores. Also try using filtered water for your coffee like they do. Hope this helps, Evelyn :)

-- Evelyn Adams (evadams@shaw.ca), September 07, 2004.

In response to Chris Graham and C. Hurtubise, I say don't knock others opinions.

Some people like a certain flavor, regardless of whether it's coffee, steak, or some other consumable. For instance, I prefer a steak that's seasoned on the grill with no steak sauce while others swear A- 1, Heinz 57 or some other sauce is what makes the steak. I also prefer a Krispy Kreme donut to any other. Some prefer Dunkin Donuts, other's think a donut's a donut.

Bottom line, [news flash] we're all different (thank goodness) and like different things. Some of us just really like the flavor of Tim Horton's.

I've dealt with Folgers and Maxwell House for years (never liked Starbuck's, always tasted burnt) thinking coffee is coffee.... until now. I went to Winnipeg on a business trip for the first time last week and was introduced to Tim Horton's by a co-worker. It became a daily ritual and now I'm hooked. I brought enough home with me to make it until I can order some online and have it shipped. The Foldger's is going to the coffee fund at work and only Tim Horton's will be brewed in my house from now on.

So, enjoy your Folgers's or Maxwell House and the savings and we'll enjoy our Tim Horton's. Now, who's going to open a Tim Horton's in Colorado Springs??? We've got a lot of Canadians (and a few US) here that I'm sure would appreciate it.

Respectfully, Mark B.

-- Mark Bush (webdevmb@hotmail.com), September 19, 2004.

Oh, one more thing.... As for the "nicotine" comment, that's an urban legend. See the following on Snopes, a website dedicated to verifying rumors and urban legends.



-- Mark Bush (webdevmb@hotmail.com), September 19, 2004.

I was never a coffee fan, didn't even like the stuff, until I tried Tim Horton's. There is definitely a difference! Starbuck's blows, tastes burned, but American's will by anything that is marketed correctly. I was told that the secret to the Tim Horton's taste lies in their water fitration system, don't know if that's true though.

-- Jeffrey Day (kaicho@netzero.com), September 20, 2004.

What is it about Tim Hortons coffee that is soo good? Don't get me wrong, i'm a coffee addict and i enjoy a good cup at timmy's but the beans they use are the same at Starbucks. They come from the same distributor. I dont know much about brewing coffee, but i do know that there's only a few ways u can do it, so what makes a timmy's coffee soo damn good?

-- Harri O. (hojanen@hotmail.com), September 28, 2004.

Your ad in small image is bad . Why such an image.I want a full screen.Goog bye doughnuts

-- Jean Claude (begonias@videotron.ca), October 02, 2004.

We discovered Tim Hortons coffee in New Brunswick while on a camping vacation. Wondered why all the cars were lined up coming off the highway into this place?? We were told that by a native that everyone in the area loved their coffee and we decided to try it. It is truly great coffee and my largest dissapointment was that I didn't buy more than 2 cans to take home. I have long ago run out of it!! Would love to be able to find it in Orange County or Riverside County in southern Calif.??

-- Pat Harding (floydharding@aol.com), October 11, 2004.

I dont know where habit of calling Tim Hortons Timmy came from - it sounds GAY!! I know we used to call it "Horny Tims" in 1985. Also, there was a tim hortons that went tits up in Edmonton, it was on the Yellowhead trail and 142 street. I know because at one time we sued to go for coffee there at a place I used to work for. How it went bust I dont know. I know the guy that owned it was a JERK.

-- Chris P. (crank@crank.com), October 17, 2004.

Tim Horton's uses 18% cream. Thats why it tastes so different. You can buy it from Serca Syspro located in Mississauga, Ontario. They distribute it to all the stores in the toronto area.

-- Jason (j.dsilva@rogers.com), November 07, 2004.

Tim Horton's coffee is terrible. How anyone can bring this "coffee" after trying Starbucks' coffee?

-- katya (katyaivanovaca@yahoo.com), November 23, 2004.

I was never a coffee fan, didn't even like the stuff, until I tried Tim Horton's. There is definitely a difference! Starbuck's blows, tastes burned, but American's will by anything that is marketed correctly. I was told that the secret to the Tim Horton's taste lies in their water fitration system, don't know if that's true though.

-- Jeffrey Day (kaicho@netzero.com), September 20, 2004.

Well people like Jeffrey Day and a few others along this thread are fools. Why do Canadians think Tim Horton`s is Canadian? It is owned by people who own Wendy`s(fast food) which is an American company. That is why there are a few pocket Tim Horton`s along the American border near Canada. It may spread to America Tim Horton`s if those pocket Timmy`s are successful at those guinee pig American areas which I doubt very much because America has enough good coffee choices which make Tim Horton brand seem anemic and run of the mill. This Tim Horton coffee is a cult coffee and nothing special! For you fool Candians I got swamp land in Florida to sell you. LOL

PS If I were to drink Canadian coffee I`ll rate the branch Second Cup Coffee as good as it gets and pretty well any coffee variety they sell is a winner and it don`t come in tins like Tim Horton`s but fresh roasted and ground if you like it be. Fools!You Canuckers and gullible and naive.

Best regards Gordo

-- Gordo Packard (packard@ime.net), November 29, 2004.

well folks i am as canadian as it gets and my girlfriends dad owns a franchise in ottawa,the SECRET to making that perfect home cup is- 1st a decent brewer,i use hamilton beach new home brew station theres no pot to pour its a lever you push with your mug,anyways back to whats important,Filtered water(very important) for 12 cup machine use 9 rounded teaspoons and 18% cream(coffee mate)i get the packs of coffee from her father so it might be more fresh,but the fine grind tin is really close----hope it works out---Cheers EH!

-- brian lawrence (brian1975@gmail.com), December 30, 2004.

To to arrogant idiot who just posted the insults to Canadians, might I recommend he do some research before he opens his ignorant mouth. Tim Horton's certainly IS Canadian but was sold to Wendy's a few years ago who bought the CANADIAN recipe and rights to it. It was started in Hamilton in the late 60's by another Canadian great hockey player, Tim Horton. And it does beat out ALL competition no matter what country they originated in. The secret definitely is in the water - use filtered water and a good coffee maker. A friend who used to work for them tells me they use double filters and remove the pots from the under the baskets as soon as the brewing stops to prevent bitter oil drippings. Preheat your thermal carafs and mugs with the hottest water possible and the biggest difference is using 18% cream. You'll get a home brew that's very close to the store bought stuff! Also, just checked in snopes, and those rumours about nicotine and MSG being added are totally false. So enjoy (although you may need extra exercise cuz of the heavy cream)!!

-- Cathie H (CaleCat959@aol.com), January 05, 2005.

Hi Folks I have extensive experince in coffee business. TIM HOTIN IS THE TOP COFFEE, no coffee shop can even be closer to Tim Horton. I am willing to invest about HALF MILLION DOLLAR for TO BUY A TIM HORTON I TRIED MY BEST> IMPOSSIBLE. CAN ANY BODY HELP ME HOW????

-- Nikeeb Sameem (nikeebsameem@hotmail.com), January 17, 2005.

Tim Horton's is in the midst of its second invasion of the U.S. market and, this time, experts say it's making real headway. It has 200 stores now and may have more than 500 stores open in the U.S. by the end of 2007. Meanwhile, U.S. giant Krispy Kreme's attempt to establish a foothold in Tim Horton's home market is proving to be a fiasco. In fact, Krispy Kreme is blaming problems figuring out the accounting for its Canadian operations as the reason behind a late stock market filing. Meanwhile, Krispy Kreme's rosy Canadian expansion plans of two years ago have turned into retrenchment plans as the company closes three Canadian stores. The Canadian unit is reported to have lost $2-million (U.S.) in 2003 with less than a dozen stores. Meanwhile, Tim Horton's operating for profit just the three months ending Sept. 30, was just under $70- million (U.S.). Tim's also says same store sales in the U.S. are growing at a rate of 10 per cent a year. Even in Canada, where there's a Tim's on every corner, same-store sales are growign at 7 per cent.

-- Strangetides (strangetides@microcosm.com), February 04, 2005.

Wow!! all this talk about commercial coffee if anybody wants good coffee find a reputable coffee roaster and taste the real thing. Fresh roasted can't be beat. SUPPORT SMALL BUSSINESS where quality and integrity are still important. PS. Try HOLYSMOKECoffee.com for Organic Fair Trade coffee. (real Canadian coffee EH.!!!!!! ALPATSA

-- ALPATSA (alnemeth@holysmokecoffee.com), February 04, 2005.

i am intrest open timehorton please same th me same informasion thank

-- khalif (khalifmusse@hotmail.com), February 05, 2005.

I have something to contribute to making your coffee taste just like good ol' Timmy Ho's. I'm not sure about the States, but in Canada, we have "Coffee Cream" made my Dairyland. It is 18%, and it tastes exactly like Tim Horton's when you use it when making your coffee. I hope this helps out just a bit!

-- Rebecca D. (cutie_sunny_gurl@hotmail.com), February 14, 2005.

My sister works at the corporate office in Oakville Ontario. She is gonna teach me how to make the BOSTON CREAM DONUT!!! HAHAHAHA Anyone wanna come over to my house? XOX TIM ROCKS!

-- Natasha (squishy@mailcity.com), February 18, 2005.

Tim Horton's has the best flavor!!! My dad hand picked and processed his own coffee--I haven't come across a better tasting coffee until now!

Note: Coincidently, I am 40 also!

I've sent a few excerpts to my boyfriend in Canada...Maybe he would understand, and keep me fully supplied. And I bought Starbucks for so many years...Pure Mud, yuck!

From the Caribbean to Texas.


-- Odessa F. Griffith (fervent_2@yahoo.com), March 01, 2005.

We have two Tim Hortons in my mid-Michigan town. Went there Saturday morning and had to wait for 11 cars in front of me! Very Popular!!! I actually found this site searching for the infamous 18% coffee cream! I can't find it anywhere. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

-- Don (soupcan35@hotmail.com), March 02, 2005.

Here in northern New Hampshire we have two options...Portland ME or Sherbrooke in Quebec...there are three Tim's locations in both cities. Customs guys laugh at us because we also tend to come back through the border with lots of Coffee Crisp bars and Canadian diet Coke too (if you don't think there's a difference between their diet Coke and the American stuff, one can will show you otherwise). The other options are to shop online at alwayscanadian.com (admittedly more expensive when you figure in shipping, we're 90 minutes from Sherbrooke)...IGA also sells Tim's and there's one right in Stanstead, just north of the Vermont-Quebec border!

-- Andy Phillips (thisdude8080@hotmail.com), March 15, 2005.

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