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While reading the Walthers book on the auto industry, there is a photo that show the end of a Southern logo'd enclosed 89' auto rack, a TTX leased flat with the rack. the logo is in the "usual" placement, the second panel, with the Southern with the green light for inovations era logo; with a Sou green background.....Is this a freelanced model, or what exactly did Southerns aouto racks look like in the late 70-80's? I live in Palestine, Texas, where the UP's line from Houston (x-MP) meet the San Antonio main (x-MP) and we see 25-30 trains a 24 hr period. We have unit auto trains come thru several times a day, with alot of older "thought those were all gone" boxcars, and racks, but have never seen a Southern rack. Any info on the Southern 86' boxcars would also be appreciated!

Thanks, Devin M. Jackson Firefighter III Palestine FD

-- Devin M. Jackson (, October 16, 1999

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