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Hi! I just went to the mall yesterday and I went to Saturday Matinee don't know the spelling. Well anyways, while there, I seen this new thing about Titanic. It is a box and inside is the movie, the same thing as before, the 2 video one and also, there is a 23 page book about the movie and get this, actual film cells from the movie! It cost $30 wich I didn't think was too bad. However, something like this should have came out sooner before everyone bought the movie. I mean, I already have the movie so it is unlikely that I will buy this. Has any one else seen this product?

-- JoshH. (, October 16, 1999


Yes! Actually, my dad gave it to me for my birthday. It is very nice- the box especially, but I was kind of disappointed with the photo book. It included quotes from the movie with photos, but the quotes were not attributed to the characters- and often were not relevant. But, the box, the film cell, and the movie are GREAT!

-- Lynae Anderson (, October 31, 1999.


The box is the special collectors edition; the booklet is identical to that given out at the film's world premiere. It seems to be targeted towards Xmas gift-giving.

-- Thoams M. Terashima (, December 21, 1999.

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