westinghouse monkey on a stick.

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We have a problem with selector stepping to next floor.all switches and contacts seem to be ok.this problem is intermitten.the controller is a 2bc4-erl4 dia.#216b457,have print.n & nb will stay out or na,depending on floor it's at when problem shows up.the car will end up in overhead or pit and will not reset unless manually done.any response will be helpfull.

-- (rbleaujr@aol.com), October 16, 1999


Re: Westinghouse 'Monkey on a Stick?'

Are we talking about a "SN" selector?,... i.e., a worm driven notching cam driven by a small DC motor atop the worm shaft? Most 2BC4-ERL4 vintage controllers used a relay (ES type) notching (stepping) selector utilizing a series of ES relay named SA01/SO1 thru SA0T-SOT. Regardless, both of these selectors were initiated (notched) by a sequence of the "N" relay along with alternating "NA" and "NB" relay operations at odd and even floors. You say that "N" and either "NA" or "NB" drop and stay out. The requirements for these relays to re-pick (as they should normally) is that the hatch "E Type" landing switch passes the notching cam on the hatch tape cam and/or the selector successfully steps into the next selector-stop or landing. If this failure is happening at inconsistent floors, check your "AL" and "BL" hatch switches. If the failure happens consistently at the same landing, check the selector contacts for shorts in the relay/pileup stacks (insulating separators), and poor wiring/solder joints, etc.

Also, if the car runs into the pit/overhead, check the hatch switch (TSD) in the GR4 circuit for proper adjustment and operation. Regards, RAG

-- Ray Griffin (elevatorguy@geocities.com), October 19, 1999.

Had this problem on an older control. Turned out to be a broken shunt wire on a contact. It was broken inside of the outer covering therefor unable to see it. Found it by using an ohm meter on each shunt and pulling on the shunt. It was intermittent.

-- Vernon P. Keller (vpkeller@earthlink.net), October 17, 1999.

Considering that both NA and NB are staying out, it seems that the Landing switches are not at fault themselves, but he common feed to the Al and BL switches. If you see it happen, does the selector seem to run away or does it step correctly? One tip I learned the hard way after cleaning the worm was to not use oil to relubricate the worm, couldn't keep the thing from running away. Had to use a grease, it added just enough mechanical resistance to keep the "monkey" on the pileup to step the notching circuit. Good Luck, John

-- John Koshak (John_Koshak@AdamsElevator.com), October 20, 1999.




remember its old..sell them a 411mms works great on that old crap.I did it at gregs job customers finally happy.why do you most of the westinghouse guys drank so much...those problems are on goin..good luck...dan

-- dan w (danotis@aol.com), March 07, 2003.

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