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No details yet, but apparently more than insignificant.

-- Ron Schwarz (, October 16, 1999


It's 7.0

-- Bobo (, October 16, 1999.

All the quake servers seem bogged down. has this picture, I put it on my server -- it was hard for me to download from the source:

-- Ron Schwarz (, October 16, 1999.

Magnitude 7? That's big, right?

-- Ron Schwarz (, October 16, 1999.

 Powerful Quake Felt In Downtown Los Angeles

Saturday October 16 6:11 AM ET

 Powerful Quake Felt In
 Downtown Los Angeles

 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A powerful tremor was felt in
 Los Angeles early Saturday, jolting residents out of their
 beds and rocking houses.

 Local radio reported that the quake, which struck shortly
 be before 3 a.m. local time (6 a.m. EDT), had a
 preliminary magnitude of 7. It said the quake was centered
 35 miles north of Joshua Tree, a desert community east of
 Los Angeles.

-- Brian (, October 16, 1999.

From another forum...

elevator guy (10/16/99; 4:03:42MDT - Msg ID:16537) Earthquake! We just had a big earthquake out here in the LA area. It struck about 2:45 local time. As I am writing this, the house is rolling once more, during an aftershock. What a wake-up call! Did anyone else feel it?

-- Andy (, October 16, 1999.

A shallow roller, rupture will go up to 10 KM.

A few foreshocks last night.

An expect aftershock sequence is expected.

30 miles from the San Andres fault.

Not related to San Andreas think it is related to the Landers shock. 3.0 are the expected aftershocks.

-- Cherri (, October 16, 1999.

There were 13 quakes yesterday in the same area and there have been several 4.0 + and a 5.3 aftershock since the main event at 2:46 AM PDT

I wonder what the effect was on the Marine base at 29 Palms.

The eerie part is that this is probably not a "new" quake but an aftershock itself. The Big One may still be coming.

-- chairborne commando (, October 16, 1999.

If I did it right, it will not start until you hit the play button. That way if you don't want to hear it, you don't have to.

-- The Mysterious Midi Man (mysterious@no.mail), October 16, 1999.

Nope, it starts when the thread itself loads, at least on our iMac. Hitting the "stop" button does nothing. Just have to turn the sound off. The music is a little raucous. We're always revved by earthquakes.

Didn't feel anything in Cascadia, crossing fingers it doesn't nudge the Cascadian Subduction Fault ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 16, 1999.

Just having my morning coffee... and remembering the Northridge quake.



-- Diane J. Squire (, October 16, 1999.

CNN has live coverage right now, Amtrak derailment near Ludlow. San Diego, Phoenix, Fresno, Las Vegas, etc., felt all over. Northridge was 6.7, this in middle of desert, unpopulated area, was 7.0.

-- Old Git (, October 16, 1999.

I'm out in the Inland Empire. What struck me as odd about the earthquake was the duration. I had time as it rocked to wake up, drift in and out, and finally contemplate, "Something happening here?" I had time to sit up and become cognitively aware, "It's an earthquake," and I had time to stand in my bedroom door frame to then experience the long rolling effect. I'm in the Y2K Mobile On Septic Tank scene, it is clipped for an earthquake, and it felt and sounded no differently than being on a train. You could feel the phantom tracks under ones feet as the train briskly sped. One of my dogs, an Aussie, found the earthquake intimidating. I found her on the couch with her front head between her paws and her eye's darting about while keeping her head low.

-- Paula (, October 16, 1999.

Well, just goes to show how BIG LA is...I slept through the quake and didn't feel a thing. My older brother near Vegas felt the quake was a "major" one and was worried enough to call my mom who is also my next door neighbor.



-- Michael Taylor (, October 16, 1999.

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