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Does anybody have the guest credits from the opening of episode 6.2 "Last Rites"?

i.e. special appearance by rebecca demornay guest starring... special guest stars...

if anybody could check their tape or just happens to have the info, i'd appreciate it. thanks!

-- David Buff (, October 16, 1999


I don't have all the credits, but I did recognize the daughter and father in the Kerry-Mark storyline, and the guy who played Dr. Dave. The daughter (was her name Hartle or something like that) was played by Paige Moss, who has been on 90210 and Touched by an Angel. Her dad was played by Michael Harney, who had a long-recurring role as a sleazy ex-cop turned PI on NYPD BLUE. He was great in that role by the way. And Erik Palladino is Dr. Dave. Hope that helped.

-- Benjamin (, October 16, 1999.

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