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Just surfed onto this group and I also enjoy ER quite a bit. But I was wondering if I was the only one watching that was hopeing Green would finaly have enough of Weaver's back stabbing crap and do something. Not sure what short of poping her one.

-- Freddie (, October 15, 1999


Obviously, Freddy, you have not yet seen my "Kerry Weaver must die" posting. Care to join the club?

-- Mary Lyman (, October 15, 1999.

I respect Mark for not smucking Kerry across the face with that "stupid badge". Laura Innes has a real job of it having to portray a character who can be so annoying, but so good at the same time (when she gets bay Carlos for Jeannie). She's interesting. I suppose we're headed for a showdown between she and Mark...which seems juvenille but really does happen in the workplace sometimes. I wonder what she-could-be wrong-and-Mark-could-be-right about? since she's an excellent physician and The Boss.

-- May Archer (, October 16, 1999.

Hate to disagree here, but I must protect Kerry! She does not backstab!!!!!!!!!

-- Teddy (, July 23, 2001.

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