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i am concerned that the small shotgun mic (ecm 670) that comes with the dsr pd100a pack is junk, it retails for around $720. any ideas? i need a good mic for documentary work in india. thanks!

-- nagababa (, October 15, 1999


Actually the shotgun mic and mic bracket shown in advertisements for the DSR PD100A does not come shipped with the camera. What does come with it is a single XLR mic adapter that attaches to the PD100A's "smart" hot shoe. You will need to order the optional mic, XLR cable, and mount if you want it. Reviews I have read seem favorable for the mic as well. The camera should come shipped with a .7X wide angle lens and hood as well as a remote. This according to Sony's own web site. good luck- Ben

-- Ben Eytalis (, May 27, 2002.

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