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I have a Sony TRV 900 camera and I want to know are they any professional microphones that will be ppcik up sound from a distance, shotgun mikes. The mics by Sony do not seem to be of any good beyond five feet.

I plan to shoot doc style so I will not have a sound man and I want to use a mic attached to camera. Does anyone have suggestions?

-- daniel chiu (dan@studio369.com), October 14, 1999


I have a PD100A, basically the same camera with some more features. I also have been looking for a short-shotgun, and everyone seems to recommend the Sennheiser 416, only problem is it's $1,000... The people at equipment emporium, http://www.equipmentemporium.com/micropho.htm seem to think that the Audio Technica 4073a is a great mic, and half the price...

" Microphones for Production Sound

Condenser Short Shotguns

AT 4073a Condenser short shotgun. Excellent front reach, flat off-axis, line-gradient reduces echo. Best dialogue mic we've ever used! Requires 48v Phantom. Good, all-purpose hypercardioid pattern, mainly for general interiors and the occasional exterior. Switchable low cut filter. Flat off-axis response makes it easier to balance between uneven dialogue levels; just angle slightly away from the louder voice, which will reduce its volume relative to the other voice without causing background to pump up and down. $680.00 Senn MKH416 What can you say, the 416 condenser short shotgun has been a workhorse for as long as we can remember. Hypercardioid pattern. Very good side rejection, but not flat off-axis, so be cautious of echo in tight or hard-walled interiors. Available in 12v T or 48v Phantom powering. $1275.00 Senn MKH60 P48 Hypercardioid condenser line-gradient short shotgun. $1360.00"

B&H says the 416 is a better mic, but the AT is a great deal and still very good.

If both of these are out of your budget look at the Sennheiser ME66 / K6 combo. Note that these opinions have been gathered from research not experience, so check it out.

more from equipment emporium... " AT 835b ENG Our best selling inexpensive short shotgun. Ideal for ENG, documentary, or corporate. Very rugged. Short shotgun pattern works well for interior as well as exterior. Built-in low cut filter. Uses AA battery or Phantom power. Note that the performance improves when AA battery is removed and mic is powered from 48v Phantom. Includes foam windscreen. This mic is well proven by news crews, videographers, documentary filmmakers, and university film/TV departments. Oh, yeah, also the Atlanta Olympic Games!! $280.00 AT 815b ENG A full shotgun version of the AT835b. More directional, longer reach. Uses AA battery or Phantom. Best for exteriors; may build up echo indoors (as do all long shotguns). Note that the performance improves when AA battery is removed and mic is powered from 48v Phantom. Built-in low cut filter. $329.00

Sennheiser K 6 Modular System

K6 power module AA or Phantom powering. $245.00 ME 66 short shotgun head $240.00 ME 67 long shotgun head $320.00 ME 64cardioid head $191.00 MKE102S-60 omni lav head $305.00 MKE104S-60 uni lav

-- Brian Amrhein (amrheinphoto@earthlink.net), November 05, 1999.

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