Fax noticing

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For courts that have implemented fax noticing, how have you handled internal copies (i.e., copies to chambers, courtroom deputies, USM, US Probation, etc.)? Secondly, what adjustments did your docket staff have to operationally make to accomodate the system (e.g., changes in priorities)?

-- Trelvis Dunford (trelvis_dunford@lawd.uscourts.gov), October 14, 1999


We are just begining to explore this as a supplement to CM/ECF noticing, but our District Court has an extensive program for fax noticing (both internal and external customers). I know that the attorneys sign up for the service and waive their right to mailed notices. They like it because it gives them more time to respond to the notice.

-- Barry Lander (barry_lander@casb.uscourts.gov), October 29, 1999.

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