dsr pd 100a microphone quality?

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does any one know about the quality of microphone that comes with the dsr pd 100a? it's also a sony model ecm 670. also anyone been through the 16:9 process with the anamorphic lens regards.

-- tailslate (tailslate@hotmail.com), October 13, 1999


I have a PD-100, and I have had a heckuva time even finding an ECM-670. It does not come with the camera, it is the mic suggested in the manua

-- Marc Kroll (Marcinema@aol.com), October 21, 1999.

I just got my PD100a today , it too did not come with an ecm670 mic.

-- ERnesto Evangelistr (six-four@pacbell.net), November 04, 1999.

I have a PD100A as well, the external mic is not included, and B&H suggests it is overpriced and to get something else...research... Sennheiser 416, $1,000, the standard. Audio Technica 4073a a great buy, $500 others, Sennheiser ME66/K6 combo AT 822, 825

check out http://www.equipmentemporium.com/micropho.htm and B&H 1-800-947-9939

good luck, Brian

-- Brian Amrhein (amrheinphoto@earthlink.net), November 05, 1999.

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