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One of the hardest searches of my life has been finding remedies for reversing radioactive contamination. Radioactivity is so new, comparatively speaking, that few laboratory tests have been conducted on protective or remedial measures. Consequently, there is only a trickle of printed information available and I was forced to contact various specialists personally in order to learn the remedies I am about to share with you.

First, you must realize that there are differences in the doses of individual exposure to radioactivity. For example, results are more sudden and far more devastating from close proximity to a bomb's detonation, like Hiroshima, or to an accidental leakage from a nuclear power plant, both considered forms of high-level radiation. Therefore, many people are inclined to scoff at the danger of exposure to low-level radiation, such as x-rays, TV or even the slow release of radioactivity from a nuclear plant. These scoffers do not realize that the results are delayed and cumulative, and may eventually be [equally?] serious. It merely takes longer. Even distant exposure to a nuclear atmosphere test is classified by Dr. Sternglass, professor of radiation physics at the University of Pittsburgh, as lower-level radiation, yet its effect can be disastrous.

For example, Dr. Sternglass tells of the incident witnessed by Professor Herbert Clark's radio-chemistry class at Rensseleor Polytechnic Institute, near Troy, New York. 1 After an atmospheric bomb test conducted by the AEC in Nevada, where the bomb, code-named Simon, had been detonated only 300 feet above the desert, the debris of the mushroom cloud soon reached 30,000 to 40,000 feet in altitude, and then was blown by winds 2,300 miles across the United States where it encountered a severe thunderstorm in the New England area. This storm brought the fallout to earth, and Dr. Clark's students, armed with portable radiation detectors began measuring the radioactive fallout on paved streets, roofs, pieces of cloth and even leaves of plants. Samples were also taken of water in reservoirs and from home taps. Within a few hours reports came from students in many nearby towns that the average radiation readings were twenty to a hundred times higher than normal, and hot spots were ten times higher than that! The professor and his students learned that using an extreme method, hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, was only partly effective in removing the radioactivity from the surfaces where it had been deposited.

California offers another example of delayed contamination from bomb tests. A monthly report by a state radiation laboratory shows that in tests of radioactive fallout in water, milk and vegetation, contamination varies according to the amount of rainfall. It is less in drier areas, greater in rainier areas. This is because the fallout from bombs may hover in the high altitudes but may not descend until rain, snow (sometimes fog) bring it down to earth. Even in the rainy areas, California still has a rainy season and a dry season. The dry season usually begins in April and ends in November; the rainy season lasts from November to March. A doctor recently told me, "I don't know why it is, but after the first rain, following the dry season, I suddenly have more sick patients." He may not realize that symptoms may increase with any precipitation, though it may be more noticeable, by contrast, after a dry spell.

Doctors are baffled by these symptoms, as we have previously mentioned, so it is up to us to protect ourselves, whether it is from a more acute attack following precipitation, other more serious exposure, or contamination acquired gradually from exposure to low-level radiation devices. Atmospheric fallout (from bombs or precipitation) invades the body through the lungs from breathing or through the skin. In the latter case, it can be removed by immediate bathing (like washing vegetables) and even washing clothes worn during exposure. In serious high-level radiation exposure, clothes are the first things to be discarded, since radioactivity clings to them, as Dr. Clark's study indicates.

Protection from breathing fallout is difficult and probably accounts for most of our troubles. A remedy which follows can help here. Protection from exposure to man-made devices that invade tissues and bones calls for avoiding these devices or limiting their use to an absolute minimum, as well as using both preventive and remedial measures.

Any remedies employed afterexposure, may not be permanent. You can use them to help rid yourself or radioactivity but when you are re-exposed, you will have to decontaminate yourself again.

Also remember that if you have had a long and chronic illness, possibly caused by radiation exposure, the removal of the radioactivity does not guarantee immediate healing. It takes the body time to adjust. When the radioactivity has been removed, and if your nutrition supplies the correct repair materials, you can regain health more easily. The body is always trying to work toward health. It needs all the help it can get.

Those who get more exercise and do more deep breathing in fresh, outdoor air, seem to resist radioactive contamination better than those who don't. Even yoga students seem to be more immune, because they exercise every part of the body through yoga exercises done in conjunction with deep breathing.

The following remedies can be used safely even if your trouble has not been caused by radioactivity. However, sudden falling of hair, sudden dimming of vision as well as overwhelming fatigue which no amount of rest seems to help, even sudden eczema, should all be considered clues to possible radioactivity contamination.

The following radical remedy can be used for contamination from any source of radioactivity, including serious exposure. It was contributed by a scientist of a radiation laboratory and has been used successfully by at least one thousand people. The before-and-after effects have been measured by radioactive detecting equipment which proves that it works.

Formula for Fallout Teaspoon of whole, natural sea salt (Chico-San brand) Teaspoon of baking soda Quart of water Take one 8-oz. glass of solution every one or two hours (according to severity of the case). With each glass of solution take 3 calcium lactate tablets (5 grain) If the symptoms seem to be in the head, the glands in the neck and throat, the chest congested, or the sinus involved, add to each glass of the solution 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar.

This program should be followed as long as the symptoms last. As they regress (or get better), lengthen the time between doses.

If the attack is very severe, a hot bath may be taken using 1 pound each of Salt and Soda to the tub of water. Following the salt and soda bath--take a Clorox bath to alleviate metallics. Use 1 cup of Clorox to tub of hot water.

Alternate baths by taking Salt and Soda Bath in the morning and Clorox Bath at night.

In addition to using the oral solution, or the bath, this formula may be used in another way: Put equal parts by weight, approximately 1/4 cup of whole natural Sea Salt (from health stores) and slightly more Soda, in a small plastic bag. Close tightly with a "twistem." Rub this bag all over your eyes, face, neck (front and back), the top of your head, the palms of your hands, top of your feet, chest, tips of fingers and toes and any other part of your body you wish. (You may do this with your clothes on.) Then, because the mixture becomes contaminated, throw it away! Using a second bag, repeat these same movements. This seems to set up an electrolytic action, decontaminating with the first bag; stimulating the body fluids to flow more normally with the second bag. (Discard it too afterwards.)

I have explained in a previous book why some people may be more resistant to radioactivity: "Apparently, if a person is well fortified with the proper nutritional substances, he will be less likely to absorb detrimental elements."

Both of the physicians I have mentioned agree with the premise that proper nutrition can help the body resist invasion of radioactivity, as well as other contaminants. As one of the doctors stated: "We are facing a world calamity as a result of increasing contamination of our environment and increasingly poor nutrition."

This physician contributes some nutritional information which he has learned is effective in protection against radioactivity. He says, "There is recent evidence that the following substances are helpful in guarding against radiation toxicity:

Large doses of vitamin E Large doses of vitamin C Fairly large doses of calcium B complex He adds, "I also believe that lecithin is important in helping the liver and blood vessels."

There is agreement on lecithin among other physicians. R.D. and J.F. Barhard, both M.D.s, reported that the effects of radiation in rats were counteracted by daily doses of lecithin. Lecithin can be found in health stores in liquid, powder, granule, capsule and wafer form.

What other nutritional substances are helpful?

One well known and respected nutritionist reports that gamma radiation of the whole body (from radioactive isotopes) causes a fall of magnesium levels in the blood. This provides us with a clue: magnesium supplements (available at health stores) should therefore help to compensate for the deficiency.

The effect of vitamin C, both ascorbic acid (only one factor of the C family) as well as bioflavonoids (the entire C family) has been proved. Fred R. Klenner, M.D., a specialist in vitamin C therapy, states: "Guinea pigs saturated with vitamin C lived in spite of being exposed to double the known lethal radiation dose."

Bone marrow injections helped the survival of four Yugoslavian scientists who had been exposed to a dangerously high radiation dose. The National Cancer Institute also found bone marrow a source of protection against radiation. Oral bone marrow tablets can be purchased at health stores. Bone meal-plus-bone marrow should be especially helpful since it contains two radiation-resisting elements, calcium and bone marrow.

Laboratory tests show that oils are also helpful. Dr. Gladys W. Royal, of North Carolina's A & T College, learned that mice exposed to large doses of radioactivity (which usually prove fatal to them within about 5 days) lived from three to six days longer if they were fed cod liver oil as compared with mice which had not been fed cod liver oil.

Dr. James Ashikawa, University of California, found that if vegetable oils were injected into mice before they were exposed to radiation, they were protected. He also found that mice could survive lethal doses of X-rays if they were given common edible vegetable oils. He especially suggested the use of olive and peanut oils for radiation sickness.

Professor Humberto Aviles, of Mexico, recommended vitamin F (another name for unsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils) when swallowed or rubbed into the skin. He said it offered greater protection for those who are employed in atomic laboratories, plants, or work near other sources of radiation.

Pectin is apparently another eradicator of radioactivity. Williard E. Baier, a chemical engineer of California's Sunkist Growers, has done research with fruit pectin (it is found in apples and lemons). He believes very little pectin is needed. Commercial pectin, which is used to make jellies and jam "jell," might be used as a radioactivity remedy, provided the commercial variety does not include additives. Also, don't forget that "apple a day" advice, either. The Russians are convinced that pectin in seeds can force strontium through the body, without its being absorbed. Dr. A. A. Rubanavskaya, a woman researcher of the Soviet Union, used sunflower seeds as a source of pectin to attract, bind and eliminate radiation from the system.

There is a health product available which helps eliminate toxins and is used in short detoxification programs. It is a vegetable gel bulk substance containing a high amount of pectin. It absorbs, adsorbs (attracts and binds) and removes many toxins from the intestinal tract. It, too, should be helpful in eliminating radioactivity.

N-F Factors, P.O. Box 125, Lafayette, California 94549

Other seeds besides sunflower seeds have been found helpful. In Germany, buckwheat seeds and millet are considered radiation-preventive. Actually, the whole buckwheat plant--leaves, blossoms and seeds--has been found useful. One reason: buckwheat is a well known protector of the body's capillaries. A physician in the United States suggests another use of seeds: he believes that sprouted seeds (wheat, mung or soy beans, alfalfa, etc.) contain protective nutrients. These, of course, can be sprouted at home. Be sure to get them untreated, ready for sprouting, at health stores.

Turning to other foods, leafy greens apparently resist fallout better than some other plants. Even if fallout lodges on them, careful washing removes 60% of the fallout.

Smooth vegetables and fruits are less hazardous than rough textured fruit or some layered vegetables, such as loose head lettuce. Even the rough surface of strawberries can collect fallout. Soaking them briefly in water to which a little apple cider vinegar has been added will probably help to dislodge the surface fallout.

Layered vegetables should be separated and washed carefully. Rough skinned fruits and vegetables should be peeled. Nuts, of course, because of their shells, protect the interior meats from fallout. Protein, of any kind, seems to provide more body resistance to radiation.

Calcium seems to be a must. For example, people on a calcium-poor diet can absorb up to five times as much harmful Strontium-90 as those on a calcium-rich diet. The calcium resists strontium. Dr. Linus Pauling states that six tablets of calcium daily would cut the strontium intake by 50%, provided the calcium is made from deep-mined limestone which is uncontaminated by radioactivity.

Another mineral which plays an important role in protecting the thyroid from Iodine-131, particularly for children (who are super-sensitive to it) is regular iodine. Dr. Russell Morgan. chief radiologist, Johns Hopkins University, says, "The addition of stable iodine has shown by studies that 1 mg. for children and 5 mg. for adults daily will induce gradually over a few days a reduction of about 80% of radioactive iodine collected in the thyroid gland, and more reduction can be achieved by larger doses."

This emergency iodine prescription should be supervised by a physician, since it is possible to get too much iodine on a continuous basis. A safer source of iodine for the average person for prevention purposes is found in kelp (seaweed) tablets, which contain all the minerals found in seawater. There is more and more conjecture that minerals may be the real key to protection against radioactivity.

Kelp has been tested by McGill University, in Canada, and found to act as a binding agent, removing radioactivity (as described in pectin) from the intestines. For example, kelp reduced the absorption of Strontium-90 by animals from 50% to 80% as compared with untreated animals which received no kelp at all. The animals given kelp also showed a 70% drop in bone absorption and a 60% drop in blood levels. Thus kelp can be considered a true radiation antagonist. Kelp tablets, which are rich in both major minerals and minor minerals (the trace minerals) are found in health stores.

In addition to calcium, B-complex vitamins are another must for radiation protection. Like calcium, B vitamins aid the nervous system which is usually upset by radiation. Though vitamin B1 and B6 are considered especially important, the entire B complex is best of all. There are two foods especially rich in these vitamins: liver and Brewers yeast. Liver protects against X-ray and other types of radiation.

Brewers yeast is one of the most dramatic anti-radiation foods of all. It is a rich all-in-one source of many nutrients: protein, minerals and the B-complex. Mice fed Brewers yeast before radiation were protected, as compared with mice not fed Brewers yeast and which were not protected. Even those fed Brewers yeast after radiation had an 85% drop in hemoglobin, followed by a 95% recovery. Giving Brewers yeast to people prevented--in many cases--a fall in hemoglobin.

In mentioning supplements of vitamins and minerals, except for those suggested by scientists, I have purposely not supplied dosages. Each person is unique and no two people need the same amounts. Books on nutrition, including mine, will help you learn how much you need and how to experiment until you find the amount best for you.

Just remember that by keeping your cells saturated with wholesome, protective factors from organic foods and supplements, there is less room for disturbing contaminants to take hold.

Another tip: try to eat at least one raw meal daily. This is because raw foods contain vitamins and minerals in undiluted form which cooking may destroy in part. Also, raw foods contain enzymes, killed by heat, which act as housecleaners for your body.

We used to take health for granted, and it did not seem to make much difference what we ate or drank. No more. Surrounded as we are by so many serious pollutants, radioactivity at the head of the list, maintaining health is now a full time job.

Summary of Protective Foods and Supplements Foods: leafy green vegetables smooth skinned fruits and vegetables (peel those with rough skins) protein to build body resistance and energy seeds and sprouted seeds; sunflower seeds liver or desiccated liver tablets or powder oils, vegetable, cod liver and others Brewers yeast (I have mentioned in another book the values of Red Star yeast and liquid Brewers yeast from Germany, both available at health stores) Supplements: vitamin C (ascorbic acid and the bioflavonoids) vitamin B complex vitamin B6 bone marrow (can be combined with bone meal in tablets) calcium magnesium natural iodine kelp tablets or other sources of all minerals lecithin pectin (fruits, sunflower seeds or other products)

-- OR (, October 13, 1999



thanks VERY much for posting this

i've got a friend on the west coast who has been worried about the effects from the nuke problem that happend recently in Japan........i sent this along to him

btw.....i couldn't get the links in the article to work.......tried em both.....said there was "no dns entry" for

-- andrea (, October 13, 1999.

Gosh, where do I start. This could take all day.

I haven't seen such a dramatic admixture of junk science and truth in a long time. Please note that Sternglass has totally discredited himself from being called a real scientist with all of his totally false (but politically correct) comments on energy. Get the CD-ROM of Access To Energy (a monthly newsletter) from and do a search for Sternglass, you'll get dozens of articles.

Anybody that can claim simularity between radiation release from a nuclear power plant and Hiroshima with a staight face deserves and Acamedy Award. Considering the amount of radiation from coal fired plants exceeds nuke plant regs, this is particularily humourous. As for radiation levels for a start.

Much of the above nonsense relies on the no threshold linear effects hypothesis which has been soundly disproven in numerous studies over the last ten years.

If anybody wants to follow the above recommendations, just think of it as evolution in action. The advice about vitamin C and E, and certain minerals (ingesting them, not waving them around in a mojo bag) are however very useful in that radiation sickness is nothing more than a free radical disease and antioxidents imporve the body's ability to quench free radicals. See Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw's first book for more on this subject.

-- Ken Seger (, October 14, 1999.

Gee, thanks all.

(And to think I was going to just bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. NOW, I'll wait for my hair to fall out first, so it won't get in my way.)

-- Will continue (, October 14, 1999.

Will continue: rotflm*a*o.

-- PH (, October 14, 1999.

This is unproven, but preliminary studies also say that Ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, and selenium can also protect cells from damage due to ionizing radiation. And don't forget folks: vitamin c and selenium prevent each others' uptake. Take each with a vitamin E at different times for maximum effect.

-- coprolith (, October 14, 1999.

Ken, you need to read with a little more attention. The above article did not suggest that a hiroshima like blast and a nuke station leak would give off the same amount of radiation. It simply classified a hiroshima or a 3 mile island accident as much different from low level radiation leaks.

I don't think there is anything wrong with learning different techniques to reducing personal and food contamination. No one is claiming it will provide 100% perfect protection.

Unless you have enough of that iodide product to protect your entire family and manage to use it PRIOR to the contamination, what else are ya gonna do? Of course, if you have better information to give out concerning what can be done on a personal level without the assistance of professionals, please let us know. Otherwise, I wouldn't knock it if I were you.

-- OR (, October 14, 1999.

By the way, the link, in it's entirety, works just fine.

-- OR (, October 14, 1999.

Radiation from atomic, solar ,electric all have the same affect on the human body and that is free radical damage .Free radical damage is when a atom loses an electron and then steels it from another. This chain reaction will cause DNA mutation.(aging is DNA mutation) Antioxidant give the atoms back there electrons, stopping the damage. Vitamin C gives up its electron but in turn becomes a free radical, so vitamin E or selenium gives vitamin C an electron to stabilize it and they become less damaging than vitamin C.. The negative hydrogen ion gives up its electron(s) and becomes harmless. There is a product out there that is called Microhydrin. It is loaded with negative hydrogen ions. It is truly an amazing product. The company that sell it is call Royal Body Care and has the exclusive rights to sell it. I know lots of people don't like M.L.M .(Multi level marking) but I deal with a few of these companies because they have products that no one else has, and that are second to none. Being a health consultant I try lots of supplement and was astounded when I started taking Microhydrin. For one, I can go out in the sun all day and not get burned. A snake bit or spider bit causes a rapid oxidation effect making your body lose it electrons rapidly, hydrogen is the smallest atom, and the negative hydrogen ions will travel through the body and stop the free rad damage. If you chose to order the product here is the number of Royal Body Care and my member number. Royal body care #1-800-667-4450 Account # 228436 If you have any question feel free to email me at or You can order this video (the story behind Microhydrin #933055 ) it is a very educational video and gives the low down on Microhydrin.

-- Ron Arial (, December 26, 2000.

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