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Can anyone tell me when the No. 2 Brownie Model F was built. I inherited it from my Mom. Thanks so much. Lynne

-- Lynne (flylynne@pacbell.net), October 13, 1999


RE: No2 Brownie Model F

Hi Lynne,

There's a page for that camera bit I've copied the info and put it here:

No.2 Brownie

Type: Box rollfilm Introduced: Oct 1901 Discontinued: 1933 Film size: 120 Picture size: 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" Manufactured: US, UK from 1928-1935 Lens: Meniscus Shutter: Rotary Numbers made: over 2,500,000 before 1921 Original price: $2.00 Aluminum model F $2.75 Color models $2.50

Description: Leatherette covered card or, from 1924, metal box; two reflecting finders

Variations: 1901-early 1902: detachable winding keys similar to The Brownie camera Early 1902: fixed pull-out winding key Feb 1904: Model B; fine grain leatherette covering replaced by coarser grain; metal eyelets fitted to lens and finder windows. Apr 1907: Model C; spoolcenters fitted Dec 1914: Model D; during the run of this model the sliding latch for hinged back was replaced by a spring catch; mask in back ommitted June 1917: Film tension springs bearing on spools ends instead of center Dec 1917: metal name plate on back Mar 1919: Model E; metal film carrier instead of wood, card outer casting Mar 1920: Trigger guard fitted Feb 1924: Model F; aluminum case replaced card; tripod sockets added; no trigger guard; finer grain leatherette covering Apr 1929-1933: US models in five color finishes - Red, grey, green, blue, brown - as well as black 1929-1933: UK models in six color finishes - Red, grey, green, blue, brown, claret - as well as black Nov 1930: UK model in special Modernist finish, black with slight relief, wax-like feel; made only in limited numbers for the Christmas season. (See No.2 Portrait Brownie Camera) From 1931: knob replaced winding key; 1931 models had rectangular line decoration of earlier models; thereafter plain finish 1934-1935: UK models in two color finishes - grey or black. Silver model produced for Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935.

Approximate worth: $20-25 Colored $30-50 Silver $35-50

The film is still available, why don't you shoot with it?

Take Care,

Chuck Baker The Brownie Camera Page

-- Chuck (chuck9toe@aol.com), October 14, 1999.

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