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Can anyone verify that the ACL passenger trains used a certain crest on their glassware? The glass in question is a Libbey "No-Nik" design. It's approximately 5" high and straight sided. The purple crest shows "Atlantic Coast Line Railroad". The words Atlantic & Railroad are horizontial and Coastline is "stylized" at a sharp angle. There seems to be no known railroad use of this glass but they keep surfacing on ebay. I understand there was a restaurant in Wayne, NJ that had several railroads crest duplicated. Possbile these are some of those glasses. I would like to have some in my collection of railroad issued glassware but hesitate because of possible reproduction. Any information would be greatly. appreciated. Thanks

-- Tim Diesburg (TMDIESBU@POTLATCHCORP.COM), October 13, 1999


Larry's right, I bought a set from Tom Hill. Mr. Hill cleaned out the Purple Palace years ago,he still has cases of these glasses left. Check out Sparkling Crystal by Larry Paul,page 39 they explain the origin of these glasses. Also, I've seen two other styles. One has an ACL cast in the bottom, the other has the palmetto logo etched in the side. I hope this helps. E. Howard

-- E. Howard (, October 18, 1999.

I can't vouch that the particular glasses you have are or are not reproductions, but I did buy a set of these 20 years ago or so from a reputable dealer so I believe ACL did produce such glasses.

-- Larry Goolsby (, October 13, 1999.

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