T.A.&G. RY cabooses

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Before they were taken over by the Southern , the Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway purchased two second hand SOU bay window Cabs which they numbered X71 & X72. Can someone please tell me about their original history with SOU and what became of them after the SOU purchased the TAG. Also prior to this the TAG had wooden Cabs with metal bracing on the outside, were these TAG originals or were they second hand like the bay window cabooses. Many thanks, Warren

-- Warren D. Stephens (wdstephens@prodigy.net), October 12, 1999


the dixie line cabs! wonder how many they had? you didn't send me your e mail address, but thank you for the tag pix. i want to do some tag frt. car models, do you know how they were painted in the 1945- 1955 era? i have a tag (ex-nyc) 2-8-2 picture that would interest you, but i don't have a scanner. maybe we could get together sometime.


-- (jamochashake@msn.com), January 19, 2000.

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