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Hi is Bill Dale still there? Or anyone who would like to take the webmastering or incorporate into your website? Through The Bagelhole has been pretty fixed up, but after 6 months of being mislead by promising webdesigners, the project of developing an ever-improving list of low-tech sustainable ideas has been rendered pretty much ineffective, because of the inability to get all the (about 5 or 600), ideas/methods up to the website in a good order. Now, they are mostly all there, the order is a little off still, and it needs to get up a huge list of links, photos to the projects pages, e-mail messages are not working correctly. I would like to see if anyone wants to collaborate now that the time is so little. Kindly, Tom Osher San Francisco

-- tom Osher (, October 12, 1999


Hi Tom, I hope you got my Email message. If not, please contact me to discuss your efforts and your website.

Thank you,

Daren Henderson

-- Daren Henderson (, November 05, 1999.

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