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Our court is interested in finding out how other courts utilize the Courtroom Deputy/Calendar Clerk position. This position is currently used to schedule hearings and review motions with negative notice language. We are considering utilizing the deputy clerks in the courtroom to swear in witnesses, handle exhibits, and complete proceeding memos.

-- Tawana Marshall (, October 12, 1999


In the District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, our courtroom deputies do all of their own calendaring, in addition to performing duties in the courtroom, such as swearing in witnesses, exhibits, and completing proceeding memos. In addition, we have installed a pc in the courtroom for anyone who wants one. This enables them to do their work while in the courtroom.

-- James A. Drach (James, October 13, 1999.

At the Bankruptcy Court District of New Hampshire, we have two people in the Courtroom Deputy/Calendar Clerk position, one assigned to each judge. They schedule all hearings, create calendars using the ESP program and pull and prepare all case files set for hearing. Their in court duties include taking appearances, calling cases, swearing in witnesses and completing proceeding memos/orders of court. Computers are located at their stations in the courtroom and appearances are logged directly onto the proceeding memos/orders which are printed at the end of the hearing for the judge to sign. The computers in the courtroom also allow them to work on other things while court is in session, which they find very helpful during trials.

-- Kerri Mikolaities (, October 13, 1999.

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