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hello Eric,

Hello sir,

I install a replication between two servers serv1,serv2. serv1 is the publishing and distributor server. When i try to create a publication, i receive this message: ->Could not create file in the replication Working Directory. Verify your account has write access to the replication Working Directory. I click 'Ok' and the systeme create this publication, but the probleme is when i want to subscribe to this publication i receive this message: ->Error14096:The path and name of the table creation script must be specified if the pre-creation command is DROP. I execute this command: sp_helparticle db_pub_type_hard -------------------------------- article id 11 article name TYPE_HARD_Table base_table dbo.TYPE_HARD destination table TYPE_HARD type 1 status 0 filter (null) insert_command (null) update_command (null) delete_command (null) creation script path (null) verticale partition 0 pre_creation_cmd 1

Thanks for any help in advance

-- Anonymous, October 12, 1999



[This is from a posting on microsoft.public.sqlserver.server by Steve Robinson, SQL Server MVP.]

Sounds like you have your pre-creation command equal to drop, but there is no command script present to rebuild your table.

If you go to the scripts tab in the managed articles section you will see the creation script path - click edit and it will open the table as part of the sync task, then click on the generate button, and there are a number of options you can pick to do something else.

A feature of this screen is that if you go into int and come out again after doing nothing, the pre-creation command is set to drop!

The directory the .sch files are kept in is: %yoursqlpath%\repldata and they will be named after the article.sch.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, October 14, 1999

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