What do you think of the Gates "Millennium Scholars Program" and does this relate to the DOJ lawsuit against Microsoft?

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just announced a new 1 billion dollar "Millennium Scholars Program" to provide financial assistance to 1,000 new students per year, over a 20-year period, with an annual investment of $50 million. The US "Justice" Department is also suing Microsoft for monopolistic practices. Add your comments here about either Gates philanthropy or the lawsuit or both.

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), October 11, 1999


I feel that if Mr. Gates has it in his heart to help others not as fortunate as himself, then God Bless him. A person that gives from his heart will receive 10 fold. He is reaping the benefits of that saying. I pray that he will continue to have good health for himself and his entire family. Keep up the good work Bill, God Bless you, and as far as the scholarship fund. We need that for those that have the dream and just can't get there! Those dreams can be answered because of people like you. I have been blessed because I've worked for companies that have taught me the use of the computer (Microsoft programs). I love it! Because of that training I have been able to get good paying jobs. I have brought up five children by myself, have 7 grandchildren and more to come. I taught my children to use the computer, on poor computers I've had, but they learned. I have one son that comes to my house to use the little computer I have, and does beautiful work on websites for his brother who is starting out in the music business, with what I was able to teach him as well as by trial and error, he has done a great job. I am by myself age 50, and still trying to learn and will keep trying to learn until I die. Scholarships have been the source of many a successful person, without those monies, many would have not been able to get where they are today. The lawsuits are due to the jealousy of others. That jealousy has been following Mr. Gates for years because of that success. Again GOD BLESS YOU BILL GATES! Love Dee

-- Dianna Guerrero (dguerr8984@aol.com), October 15, 1999.

US Corporations and millionaires like to give money away. They don't want to look like money-grabbers, taking from the social fabric of the country but not putting something back. Whether these charitable concerns are genuine or just for publicity, this is a behaviour exhibited by small and large companies alike.

But not by the Gates family or Microsoft until the DOJ lawsuit. Clearly, they didn't even care about publicity before then. Did the DOJ investigation open the eyes of the Gates family and the Microsoft corporation to the plight of humanity? Or are they just trying to create a positive image after their destructive weapons were put on display?

-- Matthew Greet (mgreet@warmachine.u-net.com), October 18, 1999.

I think that the reasoning behind Bill Gates setting up the scholarship was in response to all the "bad" publicity he has begun to recieve over the past couple of years because of his billionaire status. Especially after the airing of that network movie "Pirates of Sillicone Valley" which basically depicted him as a theif, who stole the ideas of Steve Jobs in order to "bust" Microsoft. Personally, I have nothing against hard work and "enjoying the fruits of your labor", but at the same time, who needs 100 billion dollars to survive or even to live a "luxurious" lifestyle. I do admit he is helping people by setting up these funds, but at the same time, a 1 billion dollar fund and another 17 billion dollars to a foundation and charity are chump change to him. I'm sure he could make that back in a week alone on the interest his other 100 billion dollars is bringing in. But hey, if it appeases his soul to give away 1 billion dollars, then someone give him my email address cause I could use even 1% of that.

-- Cos Christiansen (CozMak1@aol.com), November 11, 1999.

First of all may I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Bill Gates and his wife(Melinda)to provide the scholarships to those peoples who are unable to pursue the studies due to the financial constraints.This is a good example to other rich peoples to appreciate that their richness is the gift from the god and in one way or another they are supposed to help others.But what I want to request to Mr.Bill Gates is to provide these scholarships to other parts of the world apart from America since still there are many people who cannot afford to pursue the studies.For Instance I myself I have tried many times to contact Mr.Bill Gates requesting the financial assistance in order to pursue the studies in America but the situation ended with vain,but I became happy when I read about the scholarships. Actually I'm living out of America.I live in Tanzania(The country situated in East Africa). So I hope that he will consider the matter.Otherwise God will bless him in his effort to help poor people in pursuing the education as the key to the development.

-- MASANYIKA ESMAIL CHOKA (masanyika@hotmail.com), November 20, 1999.

It has been in many publications that Bill Gest did not give ZIP to anyone until he was chided about his wealth versus his philanthrophy. I think he did Steve Jobs a dirty deal.

He's just another corporate money grubber that cares for little besides being #1. After all, his emails, brought to light, during his DOJ suit proved that. He has made a fortune off poor, gullible people buying every new upgrade that comes out. Of course most of them suffer a few recalls as they are rushed into stores while they still have bugs. I think Bill Gates is nothing but a rich jerk.

-- Jean Scott (dezane@hotmail.com), February 05, 2000.

Sorry I said Bill Gest instead of Bill Gates. Dianna, Bill Gates is the kind of sleaze bag that I would never be jealous of. He's a shark and preys on gullible people like you.

-- Jean Scott (dezane@hotmail.com), February 05, 2000.

I think that the lawsuit against William Henry Gates III is jealousy based. William Jefferson Blythe IV Clinton cannot match setting up businesses to hire, train, and provide wages, salaries to single and married persons. Clinton wants to transfer this wealth of businesses and business creativity to the PLA-PRC which is the Peoples's Liberation Army-People's Republic of China from the United States such as he has done with cigarettes. Deestroying the USA industry while reportedly importing cigarettes from the PRC-People's Republic of China to the USA. Gates has a beautiful, new home, a new child and wife. Clinton and his wife have tried to be the model USA family. But, in fact they are all dysfunctional and represent the worst in USA family life. I think the scholarships are good but I think Mr. Gates would do better with his money by setting up in business people of the USA who have creative business ideas and need venture capital or just plain old good USA bucks to set those businesses into motion. Russia and China have blackmailed the USA into submission; William Jefferson Blythe IV Clinton has blackmailed certain person in the USA; Mr. Gates must not be blackmailed by any. He should do only that which is right religiously, morally, ethically. No more, no less.

-- c. williams (khekhukho@earthlink.net), February 14, 2000.


-- ytbill (ytbill@hotmail.com), March 09, 2000.

Microsoft customers should start a class action suit, country by country and hold Billy boy responsible for continually launching bogus OS's, error ridden MS software, NT (notworking) nightmares to put an end to MS's Ponzi scheme in defrauding its customers. The FTC should also join in by slamming a cease and desist orders on all of MS's present and future attempts to sell MS software until the misleading practice to the public has stopped and only bonafide products are released. Microsoft should be split up into two companies:

Company A's job would be to reimburse all of the customers that were screwed in that they were helping to finance BG's bogus 'ideas of Grandeur' going back at least five years. Cash reimbursements are easily administered by Microsoft using its own product key code (the only segment of MS's software components that really work !)

Company B must re-engineer and re-design the entire existing product palette (line) to fit the (B)bill

Carlos Los Reyes

-- Carlos Los Reyes (layaguara@yahoo.com), April 10, 2000.

We must not criticize his motives. God shall judge. Meanwhile I am interested in knowing more about the press release where he spoke about trainning teachers in the third world to teach computer technology. I am working in a company in Mexico that wishes to invest in giving teachers hardware and software for virtual libraries and classrooms. Would there be interest in Mr. Gates and/or Microsoft in participating in this project, trainning teachers? I really hope so Thank you very much for the response. Drucila

-- Drucila E. Velazquez (spice4dan@hotmail.com), April 16, 2000.

Its not fare what the American Government is doing to Microsoft and Bill Gates. First of all he has helped lots of poor people, and why fill jelouse. He is smart worked hard to build his company why destroy him. USA is also doing the same its the only superpower in the world and if any body else come infront of it, it kills them. why should USA not taken to court to be powerfull. God help Bill Gates and Microsoft. Inshallah Amen.

-- Omar Khamis Balleth (balleth@yahoo.com), July 01, 2000.

Bill wants some mitigating factors for when he gets prosecuted for fraud. So he starts to take an interest in charitable work. He runs the world's most bent company. YOU pay more tax than Microsoft, because they pay zero. Hell, your hairdresser pays more! And how come, when they earned 42c a share on billions of shares, they pay no dividend? Because of false accounting, thats how. See www.billparish.com

-- Peter Erskine (petererskine@angelfire.com), July 21, 2000.

Bill Gates never gave a dime away until he got into hot water with the government over his business practices. It has to be one of the most embarrassingly transparent ploys ever attempted to sway public opinion in my lifetime.

-- Frank Peirce (watcher@erm.net), June 19, 2001.

you people are jealousy. Hell, so am i. Who would not want a 100 billion dollars. Who cares how much he gives. Is it ever really enough. Seriously, he give a billion and you people bitch that he didn't give 10. Amazing. Back to work corporate slaves !

-- bill (bill@bill.com), September 26, 2001.

I think that its gates philanthropy to help othr poor students to give them a bright future.As he was given fortune by the God so he is spending in the right way.SO he will be remembered for ever.Iam also one of the poor student living in India

-- Syed Imtiaz Shareef (imtiaz_sjcet@yahoo.com), May 04, 2002.

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-- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (shinesrinivas@netscape.net), July 04, 2002.

Hellow Sir, I don't know about "Millennium Scholars Program". But Now I am writing about my medicine. Nobody can believe my Medicine that is AIDS Medicine , 100% curable and I show all the technical and proof documents . you just see www.crpharma.com. I request to bill gates, Please help me for to use all the person(afected AIDS) in the World. any interest to market our medicine just mail me.. crpharma@rediffmail.com.

-- Dr.S.K.Bala (crpharma@rediffmail.com), November 30, 2002.

Well Sir My proffessional is am a Computer Instructor in one our Institutions here in Uganda. And oppinion for Mr Billgates Millennium scholar program should do is to sponser some people who are adventurous in computer techinology to advance in thier skills like me . I want very much to persue CISCO and MSCE courses but luck funds for my futher studies in those siad areas. Therefore I do beg Mr Billgates were is ever to consider my appeal and help in particular. Thanks David Colins

-- Talenga David Colins (ta_sedona_davidcolins@yahoo.co.uk), January 06, 2003.

Hello U all,

I am a young guys who suffer a big loss in business. SOMEONE cheated me so much of money by falsifying lots of documents to get computer systems. I am just left aprt with my loans:(

I am making a humble request for anyone who can support me or anyone who can help me for a push up. There is a big demand in the market here for computer systems...Just i am financially down right now. Hope to hear a positive reply from someone who really undesrtand my pains. Thanks. " help to keep the chain growing when we are not here someday"

-- vishal Gowtamsingh (Otechnology@intnet.mu), April 27, 2003.

What I read about Bill Gates generousity is something to be desired and it is only envy and jelousy that will make someone say any derogatory thing against him. Imagine what the world will be like if we can have other rich fellows respond to the needs of the poor folx like he is doing.I tell you there would be increase in knowledge, soon paradise will be enjoyed even while on earth.

Please give UNCLE BILL my email address. I only need a little blessing from his ocean of abundance. God Bless Bill Gates.


-- ogechukwu John Iloanusi (John_oge@yahoo.com), June 12, 2003.

I wish Mr. Gates would give me the $30,000.00 that I have lost on legal fees fighting to save my pool in my backyard. This has been a 2 and one half year lawsuit with our Homeowners Association and we fought hard for our Constitutional rights as Americans. Unfortunately, we do not have the $$$ or the power to fight anymore. What has happened here in this country?????

-- Leslie A. Haehn (haehn@earthlink.net), June 26, 2003.

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