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Thank you Liz, for being my best friend, even when I didn't deserve it. Thank you for putting up with my mood swings, my complaints, my bitches and my whines. Thanks for being there for me when things were really bad in my life, and thanks even more for still being there when things are good in my life. Thank you for not forgetting I exist when things are good in your life. Thank you for being honest enough to tell me when you'd rather I didn't do that again, and thanks for not being so honest as to tell me things I already know and don't want to hear. Thank you for mostly accomodating my weird quirks and for putting up with my warped, and sometimes barbed sense of humor. Thank you for letting me tell the same story over and over again, and laughing at the end, even though you've heard it three times this week already.

There are so many big things to be grateful and appreciative of, sometimes we forget the small things.

There's a wonderful card that I got several years ago and never sent to anyone. It's got Opus and the Roach (from Bloom County) on it. Opus is holding on for dear life to a branch, and the roach is trying to catch him. "Thanks for always being there for me" it says on the outside. On the inside, Opus has fallen, squashed the roach, and it u hurt. He's looking around frantically. "Are you still there for me?" it says on the inside.

Thanks Liz!

-- KT Hicks (, October 11, 1999

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