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I'm Neil Daza and I'm a freelance cinematographer here in Manila. I started a career as a photo-journalist but eventually moved to making films doing documentaries and feature films. For the last three years I've gone back doing documentary photography (where my heart really belong) and try to finance my own projects.An institution recently got interested to produce my photo documentary proposal but wanted exclusive copywrite. I have very little info regarding photo copywrite here in Manila especially on commisioned works like this one. Please help !

-- neil daza (, October 11, 1999


Never sign away your copyrights. Read the contact they are offering you carefully. Beware of any language that "allows you to own the negatives" but has language elsewhere in the contract that says you "give all rights" to the client. Any contract that says "Work-for- hire" in ANY paragraph means that you will be giving them the copyrights. You should get paid for your work, keep your copyrights (or share them with the client as co-owners of copyright) AND get paid by the client for ANY futher use of the photos ANYWHERE. Negotiate a royalty contract or, if they demand copyrights, ask for a huge huge fee, such as $30,000. No joke. Good Luck.

-- Chris Lee (, December 27, 1999.

I have Writen A Few Songs. I Need To Copywrite Them ,Have Any Answers For ME Call 573-738-2806 Recording Them Tuesday

-- perry gaylon anderson (, January 12, 2001.

Hello from kennett mo. Neilda, would you have any imformation in the u.s. conserning how to copywrite my songs? if so please tell me how. please e-mail me at thank you and god bless

-- perry gaylon anderson (, February 21, 2001.

I need to know hot to coprywrite all my info please HELP ME!!!

-- dana doke (, January 14, 2002.

I don't have an answer i have a question how do i go about copywriting my songs do i nead a lawyer or anything what are the procedures that i have to do e-mail me back my address is

-- Shakeem Mc lean (, February 25, 2002.

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