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Hello sir,

I install a replication between two servers anc20 and anc60. anc 20 is a publishing server and distributor. every thing is all right; but i configred this task to send a mail to the administrator when if failed and i receive this message: ->Subject: SQL Server Task System: 'anc20_pubs_anc60_abonne_4' completed on \\ANC20

TASK RUN: #23 - 'anc20_pubs_anc60_abonne_4' - Executed on 10/11/99 at 11:43:41 AM DURATION: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 1 seconds STATUS: Failed MESSAGES: IM003Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (SQL Server).

I use SQL 6.5 and NT 4.0. Does anyone know how to result this probleme?

Thank you for your help

-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999



I believe the mail is not configured properly. Recheck your mail configuration and make sure that it works when you use the xp_startmail, xp_sendmail, and xp_sendmail extended stored procedures then try your replication again.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999

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