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So what about you -- do you get goosebumps when you wake up in the morning and think about the fabulous game you had the night before? Are you thankful that you discovered your sport, whatever it is?

-- Ann (, October 11, 1999


Weeeeeeeee ive been trying to figure out what i did before i found roller hockey last year, couldn't have been anything worth while, im not sure giddy is the word, Obsessive and just plain stoked is how i get,,,

-- yeah right (, October 23, 1999.

Wow--Isn't hockey the greatest. We just began our first practices and my arm is in a sling already but that's o.k. cause Im excited for practice on Wend. I think my room is turning into a hockey shrine. I even have old tape from some of the top high school players around here for good luck. Who saves old tape anyway???

-- Jen Varani (, October 26, 1999.

WEll I can honestly say as an english female ice-hockey player its kinda hard to get exstatical about hockey...but I manage to. All my friends don't even know what Ice hockey is about...most of them had never even heard of it till they met me.....thats how unpopular in is in England, they'd rather watch some football(soccer). But this summer I went on a 2 week hockey school in Quebec and found out what it is like to eat sleep and breath and my team mates that were all with me notices on thing....every time we shut our eyes if we were a foward we were going 1 on 1 with the goalie or if we were defence we were going 1 on 1 with and forward on mid ice. Its kinda scary when something gets into your brain so much, you go to sleep thinking about a game you just saw/ played, or wake up thinking about your favourite hockey player...but can you really call it love? More an obsession.

-- kim (, November 10, 1999.

Looking forward to a game of street hockey is the greatest. The game sets the tone for the whole week - if you play good then your week is excellent, if you play bad then you have a rough week. I just love playing and running - even when I lose sometimes I play great, I beat the other guy to the puck, I make a great pass through traffic. I love it its great!!

-- Paul Berry (, December 08, 1999.

I don't get "giddy", I get insane! To me, hockey is everything. It's speed, passion, emotion, stength, ability, fitness, friends, team, comrodery, and all out fun. Scoring, passing, hitting, fighting, and it's all comming at you non-stop. Nothing fires me up more than this game. Well that's not entirely true, but I look forward to playing every game, even so much that as one game ends, I find myself growing impatient for the next time I get to play.

-- dj:EKG (, December 10, 2002.

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