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I resently installed a U.S. hydro in ednyville N.C.. I get on the job site and the rails, jack, and two piece piston are sitting in 10 inches of water. Been that way for weeks. rails were not much of a problem, but the piston was rusted up 24 inches at the stop ring, and 18 inches at the joint. Now the elevator has a "thump", when it runs past the joint. More sanding will help, but I was wondering if any one has had this problem before, and what they did to fix it. pitting is the major problem. Let me know if you can help. Final inspection is due in a week. thanks

-- Jimmy Jaramillo (, October 09, 1999


well i had this years ago and we used a piston sander that fastened around the jack and run the car and sanded the entire jack bolts to jack head, and around piston after that we put in gorman pressure balance packing this will smoothe out the ride a lil and to fill in the pits clean it up real good and use liquid steel and sand it to a nice smoothe finish you dont usually see this but its in alot of jacks to fix dings you just dont pay attention too..

-- j gup (, October 11, 1999.

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