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My house was sold by Bristol and West in 1992 after my ex-husband let the debts build up which I knew nothing about. They contacted me at the time and refused to put anything in writing regarding how much the house was sold for and the final amount owed. Unfortunatly I did not help myself by burying my head in the sand and doing nothing. I have recently moved and at the end of last year out of the blue I recieved a call at work from them chasing me. I have avoided all contact with them but I now have an Attachment of Earnings from a court for over #200 per month. Is there anything that can be done now. Stupidly, before moving I threw out a lot of paperwork and now can find nothing relating to Bridtol and West.

-- Loraine Hudson (, October 08, 1999


Child Support Agency and attachment of earnings hand in glove in this country You have not replied so the court works out a figure ,obtained from your salary and takes away a fixed figure and bingo #200 pound per month -now thats how its happened - so next you need to apply for a suspended -this is were you pay yourself by agreement and can pay say example from your bank account-so your employers do not have to administer it or know about it- Due to the length of time-1992 and your destroying of all documents- the only course now is go and see a solicitor -both for the figures and next for the attachment and if there is a shortfall get your true financial figure to pay -that is only only way if you agree with it !!!!! The Attachment will not go away so act on monday sooner the better - for your own peace of mind

wishing you luck dont despair

regards Charles Twford

-- charles.twford (, October 08, 1999.

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