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An order for vacant possession was granted by the 12th October 1999. On the 24th August 99 the claimant wrote,'without prejudice' a letter stating that thay will accept a payment of #157,000. in settlement of the currant proceedings and in settlement of any claims or counterclaims each may have against the bank,proveided this money is paid in total by the 24th October 1999.

We have only been able to raise 75% of the value of the property,being #131,250.00.We offered this sum to the bank,being LIoyds,but thay have refused,sticking to their letter as mentioned.We further offered todate the sum of #140,000.but again refused. We are a family with three children,resided in the house some eleven years and have tried in vain to come to some arramgement.We have even offered the sum as above,#140,000.and the reminder #17,000.over a period of two years,but again refused.The bank has valued the house themselves at #165.000.with fixture & Fittings Etc. As we unserstand it,after the deadline date,we will next receive a letter from the bailiffs given us a date to vacate.The local council cannot re-house or consider doing so,until we have conformation of date to vacate. Is there no way that our family can remain in our house as the above offer is a fair offer.It seem that LIoyds wishes to evict us to the street or on to the council. The funds that we have raised is by way of a re-mortgage that has been granted. Any help/advice in this matter would be urgently received.

-- dave hemmings (harry@templesoutheast.free-online.co.uk), October 07, 1999

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