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i am interested in learning what other courts have established in the area of staff training and/or personal development. does your court require a certain amount of training hours per year? if so, how does your court ensure training requirements are met?

-- liz frazier (, October 07, 1999


We have a training plan in our office which requires case managers to complete a total of 32 hours and managers 48 hours per year. Our case management training program is very comprehensive and is very much appreciated by our staff. Case managers are cross-trained in every aspect of case management from case opening through closing. Case managers are trained in all chapters, adversaries, appeals, closing, claims, editor, consolidations/joint administration - in other words they not only learn how to use BANCAP, but they also become familiar with the code & rules and the court's local rules and standing orders. After they have completed the case management training and have completed homework assignments, they spend time in the case management area with a mentor. The mentor is responsible for determining if the case manager is ready to become a certified case manager. If they pass, they receive a certificate of completion. We have recently created a Subject Matter Expert Team for Appeals and Adversaries. The team members have reviewed the current procedures, recommended BANCAP dictionary modifications and are ready to fill the role of SME in these areas for anyone in need of additional training or support. Our program has been very successful and new hires are always grateful for the time and attention they receive in order to succeed. In addition, the Training Coordinator provides a training report for each employee which identifies the type of training they received and when. In addition to case management training, our employees have received Leadership training, Leadership 2000 training, and conflict management training. Their training credits can include brown bag lunches where videos are viewed or speakers are invited (teams decide what they want to do)during a lunch hour, and FJTN satellite programs. For more information about our training plan, please visit our Intranet Web Site at

-- Peggy Craig (, October 08, 1999.

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