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Hello. Can anyone tell me what older type B & W films (thicker, ect.) for 35mm and 120 are currently available? Thanks.

Francis T. Knapik

-- Francis T. Knapik (fknapik@mail.nysed.gov), October 07, 1999


I think it was Adams who called Super XX the last of the old- fashioned thick-emulsion films. Super XX is no longer available, but Lotus View is selling a film called Classic LC 200 that is said to have the same properties. Check it out at http://www.eightelmphoto.com/specfilm.htm.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@unblinkingeye.com), October 07, 1999.

Ed, I will second that! Pat

-- pat j. krentz (krentz@cci-29palms.com), October 08, 1999.

EFKE KB25/R25, KB50/R50, KB100/R100 are the old Adox emulsions (KB14,17,21, from the sixties?) still manufactured in Croatia.

-- Thies Meincke (meincke@uni-hamburg.de), October 08, 1999.

Gordon Hutchings reviewed both Bergger BPF 200 and Forte 200 and claimed that they have almost identical density curves to Super XX. See View Camera Magazine from about a year ago. I've used the Bergger and think its a fantastic film. It is available from Lotus View and Bostick and Sullivan.

-- kevin kemner (kkemner@tateandsnyder.com), October 11, 1999.

Thank you everyone for your help. I am going to order some EFKE film from Freestyle this week. I am goung to develop it in Cachet (Seagull) AB-55. Again, thanks.

Francis T. Knapik

-- Francis T. Knapik (fknapik@mail.nysed.gov), October 13, 1999.

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