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I have recently received a bill for water rates for nearly #200.00, this bill dates back to 1995, until today (06.10.99) I have not previously been contacted regarding this bill. Can they still pursue payment of this after all this time? I was not actually living in the house the bill is for at the time but I am curious to know whether a company can pursue money that is owed from so long ago without previous communication.

-- stephen barnsdale (, October 06, 1999


I think you will find that a debt can be "chased" for up to six years but after this time it is not enforcable by court action.

-- Alan Moss (, October 28, 1999.

Generally, the rule is six years from the date of the last payment.

A judgment, whilst being deleted from the files of Registry Trust and the Credit Reference Agencies after 6 years, is there forever, although can only be enforced after the six year limit with leave of court.

-- Mark O'Keeffe (, December 28, 1999.

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