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Do you (or your kids) have recurring nightmares? Do you think they *mean* anything - are dreams really the portal into the subconscious?

-- Catherine (, October 06, 1999


I've wondered about recurring dreams for years. There is the one where I'm walking down a corridor and keep reaching for a doorknod I can't reach. Another in which I'm in a field with giraffes in the distance against thorns trees and bleached grass. I don't have intense feelings when I wake up, but that might be because the dreams have recurred so often. They may well have to do with my early childhood in Kenya but don't seem related to particular conflicts. As a small child I remember being disappointed on waking from my dream world, mostly to do with nature, the wilderness and oddly familiar houses in which i hadn't lived. Not that i'm pushing for reincarnation -- in fact I don't have developed or fiercely held theories just the experience of dreaming. For me children's dreams are among the most interesting. A friend who is a family therapist talks about the 'purity' of emotional content, how radiant and startling those child dreams are.

-- Mary Armour (, October 06, 1999.

There are many psichological answers to our dreams, each school has its own. I personally think that dreams can mean two things: 1) our portal into the subconscious, and that to interpret these you have to see yourself in each person, object, action that is depicted there. This is the Gestalt way of interpreting a dream. 2) a source of obtaining answers or messages from our inner-self: GOD.

-- Gloria Beauregard (, October 11, 1999.

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