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Hello sir, The probleme with a remote server and installation of replication already exists. I have two servers, anc20 and anc60. I want to install replication between anc20 and anc60. In anc60 i have a database 'test', and i want to replicate this database in anc20. at first, i do that in anc20: ->sp_dropserver anc60 ->sp_addserver anc60 ->sp_addremotelogin anc60,sa,sa and in anc60: ->sp_dropserver anc20 ->sp_addserver anc20 ->sp_addremotelogin anc20,sa,sa in the two servers the option is RPC. The probleme is when i try to install the replication, ireceive this message: ->Error 15068:There is already a remote user named 'sa' for remote server 'anc20' I choose 'OK', and then i try i receive this message: ->Error 14090:A distribution server already exists.

What can I do to install the replication between this servers. Advice me please..

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999



It seems to me that these messages should be thought of more as warnings than errors. It seems that the user and server that you want to create already exist. If this is still an issue you can try the manual removal of replication that I mentioned earlier.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999

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