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I was wondering if the TmaxCn Neg which is little different (Brownish)in colorthan most of other B/W negs, affects the contrast level on Ilford MGIV paper? Does the paper respond to these color veriations of different negs? Thanks Shreepad

-- Shree (, October 06, 1999



I think you'll find that the T400CN prints very nicely to multigrade or variable contrast papers. You can use your contrast filters just as you always have. Other than processing, you can treat CN like a traditional black and white film in terms of printing. It also prints nicely to color paper. Have fun!

Michael D. D'Avignon

-- Michael D. D'Avignon (, October 07, 1999.

Shree - You use the Tmax neg just like any other ordinary B/W neg. It works just fine with multigrade paper, and the Tmax Cn 400 has in fact finer grain than the "real" B/W Tmax 400. I can't remember that I had to change contrast level when I switched from one to the other. anneli

-- Anneli Lundberg (, October 18, 1999.

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