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I am compiling a list of hotels, resorts or inns that were either owned or operated by railroads. I do not have any Central of Georgia or predecessor sites on my list and was hoping readers could help out. I hope you can also tell where you got your information so I can confirm, as I want a very accurate list. Here is a little hint: Just because it was called the "Southern Hotel" or appeared in a timetable advertisement does NOT automatically include it in this list. I also have 9 pages of confirmed sites I would be happy to share with anyone interested. Thank You, AEP

-- Albert E. Pope (, October 05, 1999


I presently own the Rail Station House at Station # 12 on the C of G RR located in Davisboro, Ga. (at the time it was built in 1842 it was called Davisbourgh) Although to my knowledge it was never actually awned by the RR, but my wife's g. grandfather was the agent and also owned the house. We cjust completeted restoration. I have an old tin type pic of the depot which sat in front of the house.

I doubt this is anything you wouls be interested in, but if it is, I will be glad to share any info I have. Thanks

-- Jerry G. McGuire (, February 20, 2001.

Albert, I do not know of any Central of Georgia owned hotels or resorts but I do know of one railroad owned hotel. My parents wedding reception was held at the former Markham Hotel in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Markham was owned by the Illinois Central Railroad of which my great- grandfather was employed as a Locomotive Engineer. Also as you might know Norfolk Southern owns Brosnan Forrest which is just north of Charleston, SC. This is a lodge for management motivation sessions as well as a place for officials to hunt and fish while attending meetings or on vacation. Family is welcome there according to a friend of mine who just retired from N.S. I will try to dig up an article on the Forrest out of an old issue of Southern Railway Ties and e-mail it to you. My current employer CSXT owns The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. and recently sold the Grand Teton Lodge Company in Moran, Wyoming. I hope that this information can be of use to you and your list. Justin Dzan

-- Justin Dzan, Louisville, KY (, January 31, 2001.

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