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I am aware that KATO has produced an NW-2 for SAL. I can find no info re SAL ever rostering a NW-2. Can anyone tell me if they did indeed have a NW-2 on their roster, and if so what numbers and color schemes.

-- Jim Lichtenberger (, October 04, 1999


Jim, On a personal note, SAL NW2 #1406 became SCL 31. It stayed captive in the Richmond Terminal until it was retired in 1982. When I first ran it in 1980, the black SCL paint had come almost entirely off and most of its Seaboard Switcher Red was apparent. It was the only "butt head" (as we called switchers) I ever ran with the "6" brake schedule. (Many former SAL GP7s had this older type of brake). Given that fact and its age, I was surprised to learn that it was the last of the former SAL NW2s to be retired, and still had the "milk can" stacks.

-- Doug Riddell (, October 08, 1999.

Seaboard NW2's numbered 1406-1412 were built by EMD in 1942. They were painted in the standard switcher scheme, red cab, black body ith red stripes at the radiador end

-- Bill Donahue (, October 05, 1999.

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