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Hey guys! The SDLs met with Professor Katz and Mr. Kim and we decided that it might be helpful for us to give you an idea of how we studied for the course. We thought it might be beneficial to all of you if we shared our study tips with you. So here are some of the things I recommend doing:

Definitely go to every lecture and pay attention. Professor Katz always manages to say something REALLY important when you aren't paying attention. Pay particular attention to the examples he gives in class because those will definitely help you understand the concepts and definitions given in the book.

Don't memorize the definitions in the book verbatim (word for word). Professor Katz wants to see that you have done the reading and gone to class, not that you can memorize words on a page. Instead, try and relate the concept to real life situations and examples that are easier to remember and understand. When exam time comes, you will remember more of these then you will definitions of the book. Put the definitions in your own terms, terms that you understand and especially terms that you will remember.

As with any class, take good notes and read the text book. Many of the questions Professor Katz asks are from the text book. Read carefully and absorb the information, don't just read the words on the page.

Use the web site that Mr. Kim and Professor Katz have set up for you. It is a great place to ask questions and find out what other students are asking. You should never be afraid to asks questions in class or on the web site. For all those shy people out there, the web site is your perfect opportunity to ask all you want and then see what answers you get. The web site is usually very helpful in answering all your questions. Check out the extra information that Mr. Kim has posted on the web site (about probability, etc.). I know its extra reading but it is very clear and will give you more exposure to the information you need to know.

Make sure you know the learning objectives (Professor Katz will be giving them to you soon and they will be posted on the web). These are the things you should definitely focus on. If you know these, you are in good shape for that exam. Not to say that you should disregard all the other information (because you should still be aware of what else there is), but if you need to focus on something, that is what you should focus on.

Finally, go to Mr. Kim, Professor Katz, Professor White, or one of the SDLs. All of you are definitely welcome to come to my office hours at the Busch Student Center on Mondays from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. If those aren't convenient for you and you want to stay on Busch, you can always try to set up an appointment with me at a mutually convenient time. Just email me and I will be happy to do whatever I can.

I guess that's it for me!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

- MoNiCa :)

-- Monica C. Chen (, October 04, 1999

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