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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you in on some of my studey tips for Comm. Research. First, always study the concepts by using examples to back them up. This will make the exam easier because you will know examples that you can plug into the exam questions and have an easier time choosing the right answer.

Second, pay close attention to Prof. Katz's examples in class. Not only may he use them on an exam, but you will understand how to apply the concept that he is trying to explain. If not, you have that opportunity in class to ask him.

Hope these help you! If you have any questions, please come to my office hrs. on Tuesday's from 10-11 am. Thanks! Cheryl Carlucci SDL

-- Cheryl Carlucci (, October 04, 1999


Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a few tips on how i studied for Communication Research. I read each chapter and knew the definitions for the vocabulary words and certain theories, but my problem was applying these theories and definitions. Besides going to the SDL's for help I studied for the exams with a group of people and we together discussed ways these definitions could be applied to the questions that will be asked on the quizes. We came up with examples for these definitions and understood them instead of just memorizing from the text book. This allowed me to be able to apply what I knew to the questions on the quizes. It helps if you understand what you are reading with examples and if you need to hear an example of a definition you dont understand, ask in class or see a SDL. We will be happy to help you. My study hours are on thursdays in the college ave. student center, in the Atrium from 6-7pm. come and visit me I will be more then happy to help you! Talk to you soon and Good Luck Joelle:)

-- Joelle Marie Bruno (, October 07, 1999.

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