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Hi everyone! We thought it would be helpful to the class if all of the SDL's provided some of our own personal study tips to you. What we all do has worked for us and it may work for you too. Read through our strategies and see what you like. If anything, maybe you'll get an idea for how you can improve on what you're doing now.

I think the most important thing you need to do is study effectively. What I mean is that you should study to take in information and understand it. If you are reading over the book and just seeing words, STOP! Put the book down and go back to it when you really want to understand what you're reading.

When you've convinced yourself to pick up the book again, read it slowly. If you find a concept to be difficult, read it and make sense of it in your head. When you think you've figured it out, write it down and keep it as a study reference. Put it into your own words so when you review it, it makes sense.

If you can't seem to understand a concept, post a question to the web page and see what response you get. More often than not, it will really help you.

Take advantage of the web page. There are so many articles that really clarify concepts, so read them, print them, and post questions about them. If you don't understand how to use the web page, ask someone (SDLs, Mr. Kim, Dr. Katz) we can all help you.

Personally, I like to read the book for my classes and write things down and make an outline for myself. I usually do this on a computer and then take my lecture notes and incorporate them into my book notes. That way I have a full outline of the entire course, book and all. I don't do this for every class, just the ones where it seems beneficial (like Comm 300).

When you're in class, listen and write down eveything important. If you don't understand something from lecture, ask right away because more than likely you're not the only one who's unsure. Dr. Katz can clarify whatever may seem confusing.

Make sure you don't look too deeply into concepts. A lot of times people make things harder than they really are. If you can put something into simple terms, it will help you understand (and everything can be put into simple terms).

Basically, I recommend doing what's expected of you. Attend class, pay attention, read the book (well), and most of all ASK QUESTIONS! Nothing is ever as hard as it seems when it comes down to it. Relax, don't over-stress and think in simple terms.

Good luck!


-- Lisa Goldsmith (, October 04, 1999

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