Water tanks at Rockmart GA & Braswell GA

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Looking for photos of the Southern Railway water tanks that stood at Rockmart GA and Braswell GA. I have a great photo of the Southern depot at Braswell made in the 1920's with the station agent Mr. Walker and his wife standing in front of the depot. I'll be glad to send a print of this photo to anyone who can help me come up with a picture of either of these water tanks or a good clear photo of the old Southern depot at Rockmart. I'm originally from Rockmart. Henry Braswell, for whom Braswell was named, was my grandfather Wadsworth's step-father.

-- Lamar Wadsworth (LW.Sou.Ry.steam@juno.com), October 04, 1999


Dear Mr. Wadsworth,

While bicycle riding on the Silver Comet Trail, I discovered the Brushy Mountain Tunnel. I am curious why SAL built the tunnel so tall and hope you might help with an answer. So far no one has been able to answer my question.

Also, does Norfolk Southern use helpers in Braswell? On Sunday I saw two engines on the rear of a coal train and thought they might be helping push up the grade.

Thank you very much. I regret I don't have the pictures you are looking for.

Bob Andrews-Atlanta

-- Bob Andrews (bobandr@earthlink.net), November 26, 2002.

"A manned pusher is stationed at Rockmart, which assists the Plant Scherer-bound Power River or Appalachian coal trains over the Braswell Mountain grade to the south of Rockmart between mileposts 107.1H and 109.0H. The pusher will usually stay with the train all the way to Oak (MP 120.8H). The pusher cuts off at Oak and proceeds back northward to Rockmart to wait on the next loaded train."

I copied that from http://www.serailfanning.com/hotspot-gadiv.htm. Great site, especially if you live in Braswell.

-- Alex Santini (asantini@mindspring.com), July 08, 2003.

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