What's your favourite time of year?

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I just know that I'm going to be miserable until mid-October when things finally even out and fall temperatures are firmly upon us. After that, though, I'm going to be in heaven until the first snowfall. Fall is absolutely my favourite time of year.

How about you?

-- Dreama (dreama@bluesilver.org), October 04, 1999


I have *ALWAYS* loved winter. I think anytime during the months of November through January (plus halloween) are my most favorite times. I miss the snowfall though. That's one of the things I don't like about California. I guess I shouldn't be too upset, though. The mountains are only about an hour drive or so. There's usually plenty of snow there, but none in my back yard! I suspect that's half of the reason I make sure I fly to Indiana at least once during the winter months!

-- Angie (angie@falling.com), October 14, 1999.

Gimme the fall anyday. The turning leaves, the chill in the air, the frost in the mornings, the joy of finding a sweater I forgot I had...all those things.

Not to mention carving pumpkins and roasting seeds and having lots of candy in the house. (*ahem*)

There's something about the migration of geese that's calming. The sounds when it's quiet of the military honking to keep each other in line. In Portland, the leaves didn't change until later on this month, but there was definitely that chill in the air. Here in the desert, it's much more cold at night than the day (it's something like 80 degrees here today), but even that's an opportunity for sweaters.

Ah. All I need's some apple cider and I'm a set little camper.


-- elizabeth badurina (gypsy@moderngypsy.com), October 19, 1999.

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