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Do you hate surveys? Do you hang up on telephone solicitors? Do you ever stop and take the surveys that those adorable older ladies do in shopping malls? Do you do any online survey things?

-- Dreama (, October 04, 1999


Oh, giiiiirl.

I used to -be- one of those phone surveyers. Will never do it again. Most of the time people hang up, or they are downright rude. Not that that makes me any less predilected to do the same to persistent phone surveyers now, mind you.

Now as for online surveys, I do 'em all the time. I'm such a weirdo.

The old ladies in malls, yes. Sometimes. If I'm not in a rush. And I'm always polite. I figure it's ten or fifteen minutes of my time, and she gets paid so she can feed the fifty cats in her apartment or buy stuffed animals for the grandkids. (Of course, that's unenlightened. Maybe she goes out and buys crack at night, I dunno. I like my version better.) :)


-- elizabeth badurina (, October 19, 1999.

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