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I've seen mention of the ability to do interval recording and stop- motion recording with the vx100 but since I have no manual I can't figure it out from scratch. Anyone know how to do this? The concept is to record a few frames of a scene wait a certain time interval and then record a few more frames and so on and have the camera do it automatically without operator intervention. Thanks!

-- Joe Covington (, October 04, 1999


You can set the menu on the inside to "frame record" or something like that, then when you hit the record button it records one frame. You need to hit the button each time you want to record a frame so use a tripod and the remote to avoid camera movement. You can make a stop animation video this way.

-- Thomas Koch (, October 05, 1999.

To set up interval recording, open the battery door with the camera in standby mode, press menu and press the down arrow until you select INT REC, then press execute. Down arrow to set, execute and select ON. Down arrow to interval, execute and use arrow to select your interval time. ( 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min) Execute then arrow down to REC TIME and select your recording time. ( 0.2sec 0.5sec 1sec 2sec) Execute and hit the go button(start/stop) and your away. To do frame by frame recording, press menu and down arrow to FRAME REC then press execute. Down arrow to select ON then execute. Use your remote to start recording and the camera will grab about 5 frames each time and then enter standby mode. Then repeat ad-nauseum. Hope that all makes sense and remember to take a packed lunch and a good book if your planning to interval record the sunrise!

-- Michael Clift (, December 06, 1999.

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