Elizabeth Corday, where is this year taking her?

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Does anyone think this going to be Elizabeth's year? Who wants to bet she got the fellowship at Rush after the cardiac bypass save in the ER. What is Romano going to offer her to make her stay at County? Does Romano want her for skills as a surgeon or is he still blindly hopeful that he still has a chance? what will Romano do when he finds out she is dating Mark? How will her relationship with Peter change if he loses his son and is stuck in the trauma fellowship and she has the postion he could have had if he hadn't turned it down for his son? Any imput from anyone/

-- Lindsay Zipprich (thefarm@webtv.net), October 03, 1999


Your point of what will be the bait to get E to stay at County is great. I was thinking that a not-too-sure relationship with Mark wouldn't be enough, so now Romano might have to come down off his throne to bargain. The picture of possible territorial problems between Mark and Romano makes me giggle- that could get ugly :D. I think she will do wonderfully well professionally, with some scrapes of course, and far in the future she could be offered the chief of surgury position. Also, I would like to see addressed some repurcussions or insight from her unwillingness to go the distance with the sexual harrassment incident, especially now that Romano is Chief of Staff and very powerful, (which by the way is I think part of the reason Kerry backed-out on Mark because she had that confrontation with Romano and she wants to stay on his good side now). That illustrates a real difference in character between M and E: he struck his neck out for Right and may have committed the very "career suicide" Elizabeth fled from last season. That's why the last scene in Leave it to Weaver was special because E was congratulating M for having the courage to do something (though not as extreme) that she did not do herself. I hope all this was done on purpose by the writers and i'm not just reading into it. uh oh.

-- May Archer (archere@cadvision.ca), October 05, 1999.

Oops. Sorry sorry- I didn't phrase that correctly. I didn't mean that E didn't have the *courage* to complain about Romano, I meant that she *could not* do so and she still wishes she *could have*. Figured I'd better correct myself before someone else did.

-- May Archer (archere@cadvision.ca), October 05, 1999.

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