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Does anyone know where to start looking for land in NE KS?

-- Mike Honaker (mhonk@oz-online.net), October 03, 1999


Response to Tired of town

What I did when I wanted information on Missouri was go to the library reference desk and ask them for a chamber of commerce directory. The one I used is called "The Worldwide Chamber of Commerce Directory", is spiral bound and I believe it has a blue cover. Before the new library was built here it was kept behind the desk in the business and science department, now it's on the shelf in the reference section. If you know the names of the towns you want to check on look them up in the chamber of commerce section--NOT the economic development section!! If you're not sure about town names but want to check out a particular section of the state sit down with the directory and a good "motor carriers", as it is called, road atlas. To me that atlas has a more complete listing of small towns. What I did was find a town in the area I was interested in knowing about, check the directory to see if they had a chamber listed, then I wrote down the info from the directory. The next time I used it I did it a little different since I knew I definitely wanted to move to Missouri. I copied the Missouri listings then when I found a town I was interested in I just used a highlighter to mark the town name on my copy of the listings. PLEASE, don't highlight in the book!! Hope this helps you.

-- Molly Moody (MOODYMOLLY@excite.com), October 09, 1999.

If you are interested in KS (Kansas) a great place I have found is Great Bend, Kansas. For information concerning the area, weather, population and such contact Chamber of Commerce, Great Bend, KS 67530. My husband and I recently (last of May 2001) moved to Great Bend and have found it to be a decent place to live. Jobs pay pretty well, depending on where you get hired or your skills. Cost of living isn't bad -- you can still find reasonable places to rent and purchase. Grocery shopping is mid-level costs. I have seen better and have seen much worse. The area itself is pretty flat, not many trees and since we've been here it's been very, very hot and windy. Otherwise it's not a bad place. We've felt very "at-home" here and comfortable.

We have lived in several states in the past ten (10) years or so to include Texas, New York, Florida, Arkansas and now Kansas. We're from Texas but plan to remain in Kansas from here on out. Great Bend has lots of what we were searching for -- so far -- with hopes of completing our "wish-list" soon where we purchase a homestead of our own.

-- (wolflady@hotmail.com), August 10, 2001.

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