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All I can say to Carter's new love interest is . . . NO, NO, NO, and NO! Basically, all they've built up so far is a physical attraction, lust if you will! No wonder Carter's relationships never work! They're not built on anything! It's rather exasperating, really. Great, Carter has known this woman for 10 minutes or so (not counting the fact that she was once married to his cousin), hardly really knows her, and they're already jumping into bed. P-L-E-A-S-E! I just hope that the writers aren't turning "ER" into a quasi-soap opera (like with what happened to "LA Law" and "St. Elsewhere"). Sorry, if you can't tell I'm just a little disgruntled.

-- Kimberley Wendt (, October 02, 1999


Response to Carter

I wholeheartedly agree, Kimberly. That story line annoys me intensely. Especially after rewatching shows from the earlier seasons where the relationships were so realistic and believable. Really makes you yearn for the good old days of Mark and Susan.

-- Mary Lyman (, October 03, 1999.

Response to Carter

The whole thing was a little sick. She was way too old for him and it gave me the creeps. Why they always pair him with blond losers is beyond me. I thought his character was supposed to be someone who looked for more to life than the rich, fakeness that he was reared in. Yet he is always going after the blonds with boob jobs.

-- Marcie Meckle (, October 03, 1999.

Response to Carter

Carter's fling with Rebecca D. reminds me of Doug Ross's similarly quasi-incestous relationship with Marge Helgenberger (his dad's girlfriend, similar in hardboiled bombshell persona to Rebecca DeMornay). And I agree, he really needs to pull himself together in the women department. (I was beginning to have hope with his attraction to the Maria Bello character, I've already forgotten her name!) What I find most interesting about this current plot thread is that it seems to be designed as a way to get back into the Carter family plot thread.

-- Ruth Adkins (, October 05, 1999.

Response to Carter

Most of the women Carter has dated( or has been interested in ) were not bimbos. Most of them have been highly intelligent women. Certainly Anna , Abby, and even Harper were intelligent women. Also, Carter has never gone for one night stands. He has had several relationships since er began that lasted almost a year. He would have stayed longer with Abby if she had not chosen to leave.He had deeper feelings for her than just sex. I think he cared for these womens beside having somone for him to sleep with . There was certainly nothing cheap about the way he was willing to wait for Anna. Carter did not have sex with anyone for close to two years. I certainly would not put Carter in the category of playboy that Doug was the first 2 1/2 seasons. Carter has treated his girlfriends well.

As for Elain Nichols, it seemed to me that he new her more than ten minutes and may have liked her when he was younger. Maybe, their relationship may seem to be based mostly on sex, it does not mean that is all it is or that it can never be a deeper emotional relationship. Based on spoilers of future episodes , there are reasons why they may have gotten them together quickly.It would make the storyline more poignant. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the storyline because I find based on spoilers , the promise of a very interesting storyline. I found their interaction in the premeire much more interesting and enjoyable than his scenes with Lucy last year. Thank goodness that Carter and Lucy are history.

-- Carol (, October 06, 1999.

Response to Carter

I agree with the original statement to a point. I'm tired of them always sticking Carter with blondes who arn't as interested as him or arn't really right for him. I was hoping they would put him with Ming-Na wen's character Deb. I liked there interaction in the first season(?) They worked well together. This new interest of Carter's won't last long. That woman as the personality of a rug and will go the way of his last girlfriend Roxanne.

-- Heather (, October 07, 1999.

Response to Carter

I love the Carter/Elaine storyline. I want to see more. I really am looking forward to seeing where they go with the breast cancer storyline. ER is doing a great job so far of showing how women and their mate deal with breast cancer. I think Carter will be supportive and I think Carter cares more for Elaine than just someone to sleep with. This is my favorite storyline this season. I think NOah and Rebecca have done a great job so far. That final scene was wonderful.

-- brenda (, October 08, 1999.

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