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Error 17824

Explanation This error can occur when a client platform hangs or has been powered off, or when a network error has occurred. This error can appear in the SQL Server error log or the Windows NT Event Viewer application log if SQL Server attempts to write results to a client connection and the write operation fails.

This is often not a SQL Server error, but rather a network error, surfaced through SQL Server. Check your network protocols installed on the server; remove any unneeded installed protocols, especially multi-protocol, if it is installed and not being used. Try to use a single protocol for all activity, if possible. Most shops are using TCP/IP, but if this is not the case in your shop, it is a big job to start from using TCP/IP scratch for this problem. Try to use Named Pipes, if you are running an all-Microsoft network and don't have TCP/IP installed. Each protocol has its strengths and weaknesses; check in SQL Server Books Online and consult with your network staff regarding the best protocol for your shop.

If any of your clients are RAS'ing in and then connecting to SQL Server, you may be getting this problem because the RAS link dropped.

What is happening is that the client has sent a query, when SQL Server has processed the query and is ready to send the results back the client has gone, this could be the app has been terminated, or there are network problems.

These errors can also occur when the client is shut down abruptly such as when the user gets frustrated waiting for results and powers down the machine.

Action Inspect the Windows NT Event Viewer system and application logs for information that may indicate whether or not the problem is related to the server network protocol, network card, or system configuration. Review the SQL Server-specific entries in the application log or the SQL Server error log for relevant network-related errors that may occur in conjunction with this error. If this review does not provide enough information to resolve the problem, special network monitoring tools and a review of the client's configuration may be needed.

If the problem persists, contact your primary network support provider for assistance.

Error 17824 commonly occurs when a client process (such as yours) terminates before SQL Server is able to send the results of the client query. Do you have source code and a debugger to this process? If so, it sounds like you need to find out why your client process is causing the error. Using SQL Trace might provide some insight as well.

See also articles Q169521, Q109787, Q187370 and Q187278. The last two talk about a Microsoft bug in SQL Server.

Consider installing SQL Server Service Pack 5A which, in some cases, resolves the SQL bug related to Error 17824.

Eric Kohnen (360) 705-7719 SQL Server Database Administrator WSDOT Management Information Systems Data Resource Management Legion Way Building, Olympia, WA > ---------- > From: Mohd Khan[SMTP:aksaba79@hotmail.com] > Sent: Friday, October 01, 1999 12:19 PM > To: KohnenE@wsdot.wa.gov > Subject: RE: Response to Database getting full > > Sir, > > I cannot connect onto the site which you have given below. I written an > e-mail to the person, whom did you refer. I think, He is the site > administrator. > > But would you please answer to my question through e-mail sir? This > problem > has impacted our business and we are facing too much hicups in proceding > forward. > > Awaiting for your advice.. > > Thanks in advance. > > Kaleem > > > >From: "Kohnen, Eric" > >To: "'Mohd Khan'" > >Subject: RE: Response to Database getting full > >Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:36:15 -0700 > > > >Kaleem, > > > >I'm sorry you were having trouble with the SQL Server Database > >Administration forum. This site is generously provided as a free service > to > >the Internet community by Philip Greenspun. If you continue to have > >problems > >with it, you can contact him at philg@mit.edu. > > > >Unfortunately, I still request that you ask your question at the forum > >(http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=SQL%20Server%20Databas > e%2 > >0Administration). Thank you. > > > > Eric > > > ---------- > > > From: Mohd Khan[SMTP:aksaba79@hotmail.com] > > > Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 9:34 PM > > > To: kohnene@wsdot.wa.gov > > > Subject: Re: Response to Database getting full > > > > > > Hello Mr.Eric, > > > > > > As usual, I need your advice please. > > > > > > I visited your site to post to the question, But, It said SITE is not > > > available. what's wrong? Anyway... > > > > > > Here is the question: I looked at my SQL Server errorlog and see the > > > following error's in the log: > > > > > > A) Unable to write to lisenon connection '1433', login name > > > is "Zerri'hostname". The source for this error is ODS. > > > > > > B) OS Error 64, The specified network is no longer available. Source > > > is ODS > > > > > > C) A network error was encountered while sending results to the front > > > end. Check the SQL Server errorlog for more information. Source is > > > SPID30. Error 1608, Severity 21, State 2. > > > > > > I don't know, what's causing this error's to appear in the SQL log. > >would > > > you please advice what's causing this to occur? > > > > > > Thank you in advance and hope as usual It will work after your advice. > > > > > > Kaleem > > >

-- Anonymous, October 02, 1999


Mr. Eric,

Thank you very very much sir...

We were able to reach to the bottle neck of the problem and we solved it.. Sir you are un-belivable.. I mean, Everytime I raise a question to you regarding SQL Server, U point me to the right directon, By which we were able to solve the problems...

Sir you are just great..

Looks with your accurate answer's that, When Microsoft was in a process of Developing SQL Server, you were a part of the that development team of SQL Server? Were you?

Thank you sir and once again truely appreciate your help.


-- Anonymous, October 02, 1999

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