Has anyone tried Macophot film?

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Has anyone tried Macophot film, and are they good?

I've heard they make the 100 film in 127 format, and thinking maybe they are better than Efke R100 that is too grainy and unsharp.

And the last question: Where can I buy them?!!!

-- Patric in Sweden (jenspatric@mail.bip.net), October 02, 1999


I just got my first 30 rolls... Havent tried it yet. I'll certainly tell, when I have some results. I suppose it's very close to Agfa film. A friend of mine has a sale, he is in future going to teach photography and not to sell film any more; I believe he still has some, ask: istvan@arkistovedos.fi (it's not far from your place ;) ) Sure he hasn't 127.

You can ask the manufacturer for technical information: Photo@Maco.thn.net

or call hotline (++49)(0) 40 - 237 008-88


-- Sakari Mdkeld (sakari.makela@koulut.vantaa.fi), October 03, 1999.

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