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For all your folks in the snowy places - did you get your first snow yet? How does the first snow affect you?

-- Catherine (, October 02, 1999


I love the first few snows - when it's not too cold and the flakes are soft and crystalline.

After that I dance naked around a fire in the livingroom and pray to all the G-ds I can think of to STOP the AWFUL WHITE STUFF...


I don't ski anymore - when I skiied I liked the snow. Now I just think of it as the stuff that makes me put my car in the garage on blocks and drive the Hyundai for 5 months.


-- Catherine (, October 02, 1999.

No snow yet..we just started to get some cooler days..needed a jacket today in Ontario..outside of Toronto. The best snow is on a sunny day when it's clean and sparkly..roads cleared of it's safe to drive. We probably won't get snow till November. The leaves are starting to fall now...have to rake soon..then comes the shovelling...but not yet!

-- Carol Peddle (, October 02, 1999.

Not yet...just got back from a rowing regatta at Trent University and it's been pouring rain. I much prefer snow to cold rain. I don't mind the snow, as long as I am totally bundled up, with hat and everything because I loathe -40C windchill and frozen ears and that searing pain when you try to take a deep breath the first step outside in the morning.

I love when the air feels warm (due to sublimation) when it snows. It's been snowing on Christmas Eve the past few years, right when my family sets out our luminaries (paper bag lanterns) all down our street. The snow muffles all the sounds and refracts the streetlights and the little lanterns. It is absolutely gorgeous.

I'll be looking forwards to when it snows. Right now I'm enjoying the autumn leaves.

-- Kate (, October 02, 1999.

Well I hate to be repetitive and add another answer from southern Ontario... But we usually don't get *any* snow until at least late late November, and it's not until December that it stays on the ground long enough to count as an actual snowfall :)

But I'm absolutely convinced that this is the best place in the world to be when the leaves start to change... it takes my breath away... that small window before the cold comes and the summer ends.

But when the first snow comes I go **nuts**! Everyone comes out of their hiding places and I usually end up having a snowball fight with a kid from down the street somewhere. And then the ski hills open and I'm really in heaven.... I always knew there had to be a sport somewhere for crazy people with a need for adrenaline and no fear of personal injury hee hee hee

-- specialk (, October 02, 1999.

No snow yet (Montreal).. the first snow brings back romantic memories of University at McGill downtown. Unless it's a biggie and then I just curse having to dig out my car. This year I'm looking forward to running out of the house and rolling in it.. I've started my hot flushes :(

-- Paulineee (, October 02, 1999.

It snowed here last Tuesday... or maybe it was Wednesday. I was both excited and confused. Sunday it was in the 90's, you see. And two days after it snowed (and it was COLD all day the snowy day) it was in the high 70's. Umm... something like 30C, to right around 0, to 25 again... It's going to take me a while to get used to this mountainous Colorado weather.

-- Marianne Aldrich (, October 03, 1999.

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