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i have been a subscriber for several years now and have found my money to be well spent. my question concerns ads i remember seeing in the early days of my subscription for luffa gourd seeds. i have not seen any current ads. was this just a fad, a fraud or what? i would like to try my hand growing these gords. if seeds are available, what are the growing conditions necessary for successful propagation? thanks. === Stu ===

-- stuart a. reder (, October 02, 1999


Stu, I had excellent luck with luffas in Florida. The vine grew thirty feet or more, up a stair rail and most of the way around a porch. I have grown a few i Western NC, but they really want either a longer seaeson or wetter place than I have now. They need to mature on the vine. Soak the leathery brown skinned fruits a few days in water. Wash off the skin, dry in shade, take out the seeds (roll sponges between your hands and shake, it's easier if you cut across the gourd if you are going to use it in pieces, for that matter you can leave the seeds in except some to replant).

They are gourds, smaller leaves than most, kind of reluctant to germinate, edible only in the sense they are non-toxic. Grow like a vining squash, they don't need to be trained up a trellis, but like it. Seeds are available through Fields/Gurneys etc and often at seed- swaps. Mine didn't cure well last year (hung in the garden past frost, then were forgotten in the soaking water, which froze. in any case I can't offer you seed. If anyone has luffa seed I will trade bird house gourd seed for it. Mail me direct. Kendy

-- Kendy Sawyer (, October 02, 1999.

My wife & I haven't grown them yet...but when I lived with my Grandmother she did....they grow like weeds with water here in SoCal...we let them dry, then knocked the skin & seeds off/out. Good Luck

-- Guy Winton III (, October 04, 1999.

I've grown luffa sponges in S.Oregon,and they produce many, many seeds if you'll send me your address I'd be happy to send you some. I didn't grow them this year but I still have seeds that may germinate, they're easy to grow, my largest sponge was about 9 inches long, I still have it after two years, looks good! Kay Plant.

-- v.k plant (, October 07, 1999.

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