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Hewlet Packard has dropped almost $30 in 3 weeks! It has broken through the support level and is headed down! Check out the charts! The continual lower lows and lower highs, tell me it will keep on going down for a while. Get in now with Put Options and make a bundle to help you through Y2K!

A small move in a stock is a magnified move with an Option!!!!

I have given this advice on this Forum many times, but nobody listened. The coming Stock Market crash is THE biggest "once in a lifetime" opportunity to make money in the Stock market FOR SURE!

Stock Put Options will make you big money when the market crashes!!!

Don't pass it up!!!

-- freddie (, October 01, 1999


Consider me a doofus. Where can I get a short lesson on options?

-- TM (, October 02, 1999.

Go to for a free training course in stock options.

Then for looking at free charts go to

Enter HWP to see the chart on Hewlet Packard and watch it nosedive everyday, because they cannot get computer parts out of Taiwan.

Take action soon and make some money with Put Options!

-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.

To get your option prices go to

Entyer HWP and on the next page click on option chains. On the left are the call option prices and on the right you find all the put option prices.

When you buy options, buy the ones that expire in January 2001. That way you will make money for sure!

Good luck!

-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.

For an online discount broker go to

Only $14.95 per trade!

-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.


-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.

TM and others:

Don't be rash here. If you need a tutorial on put options, I would not do them. Funds like the Prudent Bear Fund (BEARX stock symbol) will do this for you. I've been very happy with their performance. Moreover, now that the absolutely rediculous euphoria over the internet stocks (those 25% upticks of AOL and EBAY in a single day) seem to be subsiding, I think Tice (the fund manager) will probably perform even better. I'm a market watcher, but single-company puts are risky.

-- Dave (, October 02, 1999.

WARNING! Funds are extremely risky! It is the same as when somebody calls FIRE in a crowded theater and everybody scrambles for the exit door. When you are in a Fund and you need to get out, it will be impossible! NOBODY CAN GET OUT! Do not fall for that Fund crap!

-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.

In contrast to Funds, I place my sell and exit orders on line and they get executed within ONE MINUTE!!!! A great home based business!!!

-- freddie (, October 02, 1999.

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